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The World Trade Centers Association stimulates trade and investment opportunities for commercial property developers, economic development agencies, and international businesses looking to connect globally and prosper locally.

Our association serves as an 'international ecosystem' of global connections, iconic properties, and integrated trade services under the umbrella of a prestigious brand.

The exclusive 'World Trade Center' and 'WTC' branded properties and trade service organizations are located in more than 90 countries and supported by 15,000 WTC professionals that deliver integrated, reciprocal resources to solve your business needs.

Learn about the benefits of becoming a WTC License Holder or a Business Member of a local WTC.

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The WTCA is the only association with exclusive rights to license 'World Trade Center' and its 'WTC' brands to real estate developers, businesses and communities worldwide.

You choose us to gain competitive differentiation and advantage, and to attract investment. We choose you - our strategic partner - to grow the footprint and quality of the WTCA ecosystem.

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Commercial Property Developer

Commercial Real Estate Developers, Investors, Owners or Financiers looking to create an iconic, multi-use property to house premier tenants active in the international marketplace and serve the local business community.

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Economic Development Agency

Organizations that promote international trade and foreign direct investment, such as an economic development agency, chamber of commerce/trade association, university, port, airport, etc.

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International Business

Businesses and corporations, ranging from small to large, looking to expand their international reach and growth.

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Join our global network by becoming a Licensed World Trade Center. For candidacy consideration, please submit an Expression of Interest Form.

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We look forward to beginning the journey of building a stronger network through our mutual collaboration and partnership.


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The Accreditation Program provides an opportunity for WTCA Members who meet or exceed industry standards to have their facilities and services recognized internationally. It also helps the network as a whole differentiate itself and raises the profile of the WTC brand. Accreditation further strengthens the benefits of being a WTCA Member and is designed to: celebrate the WTCA champions, strengthen the brand, support Members to excel in industry standards, have Members’ facilities and services recognized internationally, create motivation for continuous improvement, reflect the diversity of service offerings from WTCA Members **NOTE: With two types of Accredited Members (Accredited and Premier Accredited) and four specializations (in Trade Development, Commercial Real Estate and Services, Business and Member Services, Conference and Exhibition Services), the WTCA Accreditation Program embodies the WTCA brand. For questions, please email

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The WTCA organizes international events and participates in major international tradeshows. Join the WTCA at any of the following events:

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In the News

Stay on top of market trends with the latest international news and media coverage of the WTCA and its esteemed network of WTC operations.


  • WTC Abuja Celebrates South Africa's 30th Freedom - On May 10th, the World Trade Center (WTC) Abuja proudly joined the South Africa 30th Freedom Anniversary celebration at the distinguished Abuja Continental Hotel, hosted by the South Africa High Commission. This vibrant event, themed "South Africa's Freedom and Unbroken Di... more

  • Cyprus gearing up to tap international markets - The Finance Ministry is considering to tap international capital markets, utilising the positive momentum generated after repetitive upgrades of Cyprus sovereign credit rating by international ratings agencies. Cyprus has enjoyed two upgrades by rating agencies Standard and P... more

  • Cyprus to invest €3+ billion on climate change - Cyprus’ total investment on climate change in both EU and public funds as well as private investments are estimated to amount to €3.1 billion by 2030, the Finance Ministry has said. The European Union has set ambitious goals with regard to the green transition, adopting the G... more

  • WTCA Day 2024 @ WTC Goa - The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) is a diverse network connecting business globally. Today WTC Goa successfully celebrated the 22nd Anniversary of the WTCA and our Global Business community on 12th June 2024 at Panaji Goa. World Trade Center Goa (WTC Goa) f... more

  • WTC Mumbai celebrates WTCA Day - World Trade Center Mumbai celebrated the 22nd anniversary of the WTCA Day on June 14, 2024 at WTC Mumbai to create awareness about the mission of the WTCA to promote global peace and prosperity through trade. The event was attended by the members of the Council of M... more

  • Négociation commerciale et interculturalité - 03/06/2024 - Conférence sur la négociation commerciale et interculturalité 🤝 NÉGOCIATION COMMERCIALE ET INTERCULTURELITÉ 🌐 C'est le sujet abordé ce soir par Alexander Freeland, consultant de Scotwork France, lors d'une conférence organisée par le Club FUTUREXPORT au World Tr... more

  • WTC Monterrey drives economic growth and education - World Trade Center Monterrey has been selected as one of the three outstanding centers that are driving economic impact and international business education. Under the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) model, WTC Monterrey contributes to the distribution of knowledge an... more

  • Workshop on Innovation through Intelligence: AI - The digital world refers to the interconnected network of digital technologies, platforms, and devices that enable communication, information exchange, and online interactions. It encompasses the internet, social media, websites, mobile apps, digital content, various digital t... more

  • WTCSav names International Business of the Year - World Trade Center Savannah (WTCSav) hosted its fifth annual Prosperity Through Trade Luncheon Thursday, May 2, in conjunction with World Trade Month. During the luncheon, WTCSav presented the World Trade Center Savannah International Business of the Year Award to Georgia-Pac... more

  • Oxford Invests over $130 Million in Toombs County - Toombs County Development Authority Chairman Tim Truxel has announced that Oxford Industries is planning to invest over $130 million in a new facility within Toombs County. This new facility is the first phase in the company’s plan to expand their business, as they will constr... more