Benefits for
International Business

Prestigious Brand

  • Win international business credibility by joining your local WTC and promoting your affiliation
  • Raise the visibility of your products and services by signaling to prospects that you are open for business across the world

Global Network

  • The 'secret sauce' of our model of reciprocity so when you join one WTC, you become a member of the network
  • Report higher business confidence knowing you have a global network of like- minded international connections
  • Reduce the time and costs of identifying and securing distributors, product sources and service providers
  • Strengthen your community position by becoming a model for success through international business growth

Iconic Properties

  • Enjoy professional workspace in more than 100 extraordinary properties around the world
  • Pay only for the space you need, when you need it, at preferred rates through your reciprocal membership
  • Make an impression on your clients with a WTC office located in their backyard, which also conveys your vested interest in their business, community and culture

Integrated Trade Services

  • Enter new markets quickly and without excessive investment by making your WTC your 'outsourced international business department'
  • Avoid the pitfalls of country-specific tax and legal regulations through training, advice and business referrals delivered by WTC professionals and members
  • Customized business matchmaking and trade missions take the guesswork out of looking for a business partner, allowing you to do what you do best... selling your products or services
  • Empower your team with industry and cross-cultural knowledge gained at WTC-sponsored education and networking events
  • Tap the 15,000+ WTC professionals for international business expertise to compete and succeed globally