Benefits for
Commercial Property Developer

Prestigious Brand

  • Gain competitive advantage and differentiation by naming your world-class property 'World Trade Center'
  • Attract premium, high profile tenants
  • Research indicates that a WTC facility commands a rent premium and higher utilization rates
  • Achieve higher occupancy rates with longer-term leases
  • Become a leading corporate citizen by increasing trade and investment transactions, business tourism and jobs
  • Position your property within the highly recognizable WTC property portfolio through easy-to-implement comprehensive branding guidelines

Global Network

  • High visibility and value proposition through globally networked facilities
  • Strategic insights through best practice exchanges with other leading WTC real estate developers
  • Direct outreach to international business members looking for tenant and trade services in new locations around the world
  • New advertising and marketing channels through proprietary WTCA platforms

Iconic Properties

  • Justifies your vision for architectural excellence and innovation to investors
  • The proven regional economic impact of a WTC property draws government and community support and enthusiasm for your project
  • Power in numbers: licensing provides independent developers the ability to realize success by association with similarly landmarked properties
  • Increased focus on green buildings and sustainability

Integrated Trade Services

  • Become the international business and investment enabler for your community through a premium business address that combines network with services
  • Diversifies tenant base by co-location of government agencies, non-government organizations, and international businesses
  • Boosts hospitality revenues by hosting on-site international trade events and programs
  • Increase the utility of commercial complex by attracting business customers through services