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  • Four Emerging Business Trends in Latin America - Latin America has seen a drastic departure from business as usual. Many countries are dealing with monumental policy shifts that alter how their economies function, which of course have ripple effects on surrounding countries. Larger societal issues, such as immigration, can a... more

  • From Arkansas to QuerĂ©taro: Reflections on a GA Trade Delegation - Exports sent from Arkansas to Mexico have grown over 700 percent since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was enacted in 1994. Of those, agricultural exports have grown over 911 percent during the same period. To accomplish milestones such as these, trade delegati... more

  • Why YOU are our Greatest Salesperson - It is a well-known adage in business that an organization’s touchpoints must all reinforce the core values of that brand. That is especially true for the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA). When we talk about all of the important work of the WTCA, I do not have to tell o... more

  • Four Special Days In The Heart Of Mexico - The Annual General Assembly (GA) is the premiere event for the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA). Held in a different global region each year, it provides the host with an opportunity to showcase all that its home city has to offer. The 2019 GA was held in QuerĂ©taro, Mexi... more

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  • Trends in Global Trade: 1969 to 2019 - Global trade has shown a consistent rising trend since World War II. Most notably, from 1950 to 2017, the global export volume of trade goods increased from US$62 billion to about US$18 trillion. As this year marks the beginning of a year-long commemoration of the World Trade ... more

  • The Continued Power Of The WTCA Network - As we kick off our year-long 50th Anniversary campaign, we asked long-time Member and Lifetime Honorary Board Director, Ms. Annie S.C. Wu, to reflect on her time as part of the WTCA. I was first introduced to the World Trade Centers Association network when I helpe... more

  • Celebrating 50 Years Of The World Trade Centers Association - As part of the 50th Anniversary of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), the Headquarters office plans a number of exciting and engaging activations for Members, their communities, and the whole network alike. At the General Assembly in QuerĂ©taro, Mexico, attende... more

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  • Women in the Workplace — An Increasingly Formidable Presence - March 8, 2019, marks International Women’s Day, celebrated at a time when data shows that women are gaining traction in their work and entrepreneurial efforts, and increasing their overall contribution to the global economy. Women within the entrepreneurial community are bec... more

  • WHY WE HONOR WOMEN AT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER MIAMI! - Gender parity is a vital issue for the global trade and logistics industry. Bringing more women into our workforce as entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives benefits communities around the world, and World Trade Centers can be powerful catalysts for change. When I enter... more

  • Women, Trade, and Transformative Change - Each year March 8 marks International Women’s Day, and in 2019 the global celebration featured the theme “Balance for Better.” Our feature for March aims to look at what this might mean for the global economy, and why placing equality on the agenda is good business for everyon... more

  • WTCA Meridian™ March 2019 Issue - more

  • REAL ESTATE NEEDS TRADE - Real estate and trade are inextricably linked within our global network; we can’t get away from this, and why should we want to do so? Through trade shows and trade services, the function and promotion of trade is a Unique Selling Point (USP) within the World Trade Centers As... more

  • THE FUTURE OF COWORKING SPACES - Working a traditional 9-to-5 at the same company for decades may have been the norm a generation ago, but the nature of the workplace is rapidly changing. Today’s workers — and especially millennials — want careers with flexibility, freedom, and creativity. It’s no wonder cowo... more

  • Commercial Real Estate Outlook 2019: Macro Challenges Merge with Industry Changes - In many regions of the world, the commercial real estate (CRE) industry has been booming over the past few years. In the first half of 2018, global CRE transaction volume increased 13 percent year over year to $341 billion. Economic uncertainties, however, may cloud CRE prospe... more

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  • QuerĂ©taro – Mexico’s Best Kept Secret, and WTCA’s Next Global Destination - The 2019 General Assembly is just three short months away, to be held in QuerĂ©taro, Mexico. WTCA Meridian Editor Alex Brown sat down with Carlos Uribe for a brief interview on why the city is a gem for industry and commerce, and a must-see for anyone looking to explore the hea... more

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  • TRENDS AND OPPORTUNITIES IN GLOBAL PHILANTHROPY - Last month ”WTCA Meridian” featured the launch of the WTCA Foundation’s new programming (see November’s WTCA Meridian for more). and since the end of the year is traditionally seen as the season of giving, we asked Sunil Oommen, Founder of Oommen Consulting, to identify some t... more