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Why YOU are our Greatest Salesperson

Scott Ferguson - CEO, World Trade Centers Association


It is a well-known adage in business that an organization’s touchpoints must all reinforce the core values of that brand. That is especially true for the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA).

When we talk about all of the important work of the WTCA, I do not have to tell our Members that it is not what Headquarters is doing that makes us great, it is what our Members are doing on the ground. The work that WTCs undertake to encourage and attract investment to their home towns, or to help local SMEs find new markets, or to put on small-to-global trade conferences make us an indispensable resource to the local economic ecosystems of WTCA cities around the world. What may be a bit less well-known is that as it turns out, our Members are also our greatest salespersons.

The strength of our network depends heavily on the quality of the Members we admit. As every license holder knows, there is a robust process in place to ensure that we are admitting new Members in diverse cities that will add something to our global family. Without the appropriate and well-conceived project plans, local government and community support, and demonstration of the financial strength to see out the ambitious plans applicants submit to our Executive Committee, it is difficult to become a Member. That is why the best people to recognize strong, potential new members are those who are already a part of the WTCA. And the promise of a stronger network is not the only motivation we offer to help contribute to our growth.

For many years we have had a system of referral incentives in place to recognize the hard work and efforts of those Members who actively work to expand and grow our Association. For the first two successful referrals and Member makes—meaning those who work their way through the application process and are approved for Membership—we offer a 5-percent incentive payout. For the third, ten percent. This means that in the course of a year, at current license pricing, there is an opportunity to earn $50,000.

You understand deeply what it takes to be a Member of the WTCA, and you have every reason to want only the best to become a Member of this global family. We want to acknowledge the work it takes as our greatest spokespersons, and we hope you take advantage of this opportunity.