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How Business is Done in Accra: A Snapshot of One WTC's Important Role

Jane Reindorf-Attoh, CEO, WTC Accra


On June 12 WTCA released its second annual Trade and Investment Report detailing how cities are navigating global economic uncertainty in local communities around the world. It also demonstrated how our Members play a vital role, working hand-in-hand with their municipalities and helping local businesses take advantage of opportunities, as well as weather the storm. To this end we asked one star Member--WTC Accra--to talk a bit about how they are helping local businesses tackle these issues. 

WTC Accra is an international business and trade development organization, whose main focus has been to create a one-stop shop for international trade and investment. In addition to providing a platform of expert services, the organization helps facilitate connections for global and local businesses through the WTCA network. Since its inception, WTC Accra’s efforts to promote trade and investment in Ghana, as well as throughout Africa, have provided numerous invaluable opportunities for local businesses, which have benefited the overall local economy.

As entry into global markets can be a complex endeavor that requires a wide range of services and specialized skills, the targeted services provided by WTC Accra have been critical for the success of companies who are newly engaged or expanding in international business. By activating on the motto of “Prosperity through Trade,” WTC Accra has achieved success over the years — benefiting the business community in Ghana and bringing a spotlight to the country. Here are some of the key ways we’ve done so.

Between 2013 and 2019, WTC Accra has provided supreme office space and serviced offices, as well as conference facilities, to enable local and foreign companies to conduct business at a global level. Additionally, its conference facilities have hosted more than 1,000 events and welcomed thousands of people.

Over the years, WTC Accra has become a bustling hub of international business activity through both inbound and outbound trade missions. Since 2014, WTC Accra has organized more than 25 trade missions, involving about 500 companies, to countries including Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Qatar, Russia, the U.K., the U.S., Turkey, and Zimbabwe, among others. During the same period, WTC Accra received more than 20 trade delegations from about 20 countries, which have generated many positive results and benefited the local economy, including assisting companies to: identify and match with local partners to increase local content, source products, and identify specific projects or areas for investment.

WTC Accra has been a reliable source of information and opportunities for Ghanaian businesses. By joining WTC Accra, member firms have received access to various tools including online and printed newsletters, as well as other forms of publications, that feature vital information covering all sectors and industries, thereby creating local business opportunities. Market research has also helped businesses strengthen their positions and allowed them to gain better perspectives to ensure they remain competitive within the market.

WTC Accra has promoted the export of goods and services by supporting, training and advising companies, associations and economic development organizations in their activities in international markets. For the last six years, this entity has organized more than 30 seminars and workshops, and trained more than 100 companies in various business topics.

WTC Accra’s operations have helped local members, tenants, and business clients meet their international business needs by giving direct access to businesses located within other WTC regions. The organization’s namesake, premium address, and international trade expertise have also bestowed an invaluable opportunity for all stakeholders, in addition to providing Ghanaian businesses a sense of credibility and exposure to the international market.

Over the past few years, WTC Accra has provided numerous networking opportunities for the local business community and has been an essential aspect of marketing, both for local businesses who are members of WTC Accra, and for WTC Accra to market its services to potential members. With the WTC name, there has been an endless amount of business networking, including joint ventures, client leads, and partnerships, among others. Connections made during these networking sessions have opened doors for our local clients to have conversations with influential people who wouldn’t have been otherwise easily accessible. Under the umbrella of the prestigious WTC Accra brand, inroads have been made into the local economy, which has made a lasting impact on the local economy.