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  • How Upskilling and Reskilling Programs can Give Your Company a Competitive Edge - Today’s low unemployment levels and high demand for skilled workers have created fierce competition among companies seeking to hire top talent. For job seekers, this is a blessing. For employers, it’s an increasingly expensive and difficult challenge to ensure that their workf... more

  • Female Entrepreneurship and the WTCA - Today, the presence of women in positions of influence, power, and leadership is underwhelming. Globally, women represented just 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs in 2018 and 2019. In India, we have seen women leaders face greater and bigger challenges than their male counterparts as the... more

  • The Importance of Women's Leadership in Economies Around the World - Strong leadership requires confidence, determination, and integrity. While traits like these are not exclusive to any gender, women only hold 24% of senior leadership positions around the globe. This systemic imbalance often leaves women without the opportunities they need to ... more

  • WTCA Meridian™ March 2020 Issue - more

  • Top Regions and Trends for Hosting Business Events and Meetings - For corporate event attendees, the idea of a typical event can evoke images of drab conference rooms, uncomfortable lanyards, and hotel rooms with charming views of the airport parking lot. The emphasis on creating an engaging and worthwhile experience has often taken a backse... more

  • Trade Shows Offer New Revenue Opportunities for World Trade Centers - The beginning of the year is a popular time for trade shows, which are great opportunities for businesses and consumers. Businesses have the opportunity to display their products, meet potential clients and foster new partnerships, while consumers have the opportunity to meet ... more

  • WTC LAS VEGAS MARKS 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY WITH SUCCESSFUL CES® 2020 DELEGATION PROGRAM - World Trade Center (WTC) Las Vegas is celebrating 10 years of operation this year and to mark the occasion, the organization incorporated innovative programming during CES® 2020, the world’s largest and most influential global technology event, which was held January 7-10, 202... more

  • WTCA Meridian™ February 2020 Issue - more

  • Top Trends for Business Travel in 2020 - As we enter the new decade, experts throughout the travel industry are preparing not only for an uptick in corporate travel — based on the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) forecast for 3.6% growth — but also for changes in what business travelers expect when they are ... more

  • World Trade Center New Orleans: Celebrating 75 Years of International Trade - As part of the World Trade Centers Association’s (WTCA) 50th Anniversary, we look back on one — if not THE — original Members of our organization. At a gala on November 8 World Trade Center New Orleans (WTCNO) celebrated three-quarters of a century with a black-tie gala in the... more

  • Europe Through the Eyes of an American - Ask most Americans what comes to mind when they think of Europe and the answer is usually vacations, historical places, extended family, and great food. Some may have even done a tour of duty as part of their military service and have proud memories of that time. But ask what ... more

  • Back to the Future: World Trade Center Taipei Prepares for Its Second Time Hosting a WTCA General Assembly - The 2020 General Assembly in Taipei is quickly approaching, scheduled to take place at the very beginning of March. WTCA Meridian Editor Alex Brown sat down with Walter Yeh for a brief interview on why Taipei decided to bid on hosting the GA for a second time more than 20 year... more

  • WTCA Meridian™ January 2020 Issue - more


  • Sheltersuit: Inspiring, Connecting and Activating Those in Need - During this year’s Member Seminar, WTC Twente introduced us to Sheltersuit, a non-profit organization whose mission is to keep the homeless warm. As we reflect on the year behind and all the reasons to be thankful, the WTCA hopes to bring attention to this important and inspir... more

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  • Trends in Corporate Culture: Anxiety and Its Power to Shape Behavior within Your Business - In uncertain and volatile times, what makes your business stand out from the crowd? When ambiguity is ubiquitous, how do you stay true to the principles and vision of why you are in business? Often, leaders answer these questions by highlighting their products, customers, pric... more

  • Why Consumer Tech Should Matter to You - Consumer technology reaches far beyond traditional tech companies, impacting industries ranging from healthcare to government, to sports and entertainment, and can be found in schools, hospitals, stores, restaurants, private companies and government agencies. Gary Shapiro, Pre... more

  • Special Section: A 2020 Preview - In 2019 we saw some incredible events unfold, leaving the world in unchartered waters. What can we look forward to in the new year and decade to come?  As we wind down 2019 and look forward to the new year, our feature in this special double issue of WTCA Meridian look... more

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  • 2020 WTCAF “Peace Through Trade” Competition - Following on the heels of last year’s inaugural “Peace Through Trade” Competition, the World Trade Centers Association Foundation (WTCAF) is delighted to announce the launch of the second installment of its program. Introduced at last year’s Member Seminar, (see page 6 of th... more