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  • Why YOU Should Attend the WTCA Member Seminar: Key Takeaways from a Past Attendee - I can still remember the first World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) event I attended: the 2018 Member Seminar. I was very nervous because I had to address colleagues from all over the world and talk about the upcoming Latin American Regional Meeting, which World Trade Center... more

  • Connections for “Leaner” Innovation - As part of its upcoming Member Seminar, WTCA has once again invited Phillips & Co. to lead several sessions, one of which is on “Lean Innovation.” Because connection is central to the theme of the event and the process of reinvention — and to the value of belonging to our ... more

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  • China is and Remains Open for Business - Despite the news we read in the headlines every day, make no mistake: China is and remains a good place to do business for companies around the world. China is an important engine of global growth and will be for the foreseeable future as fully one-third of global GDP will be ... more

  • Welcome to the Agricultural Revolution: Reflections on the Inaugural AgMAC Summit - The agriculture industry plays a vital role in daily life around the world. It is not only the leading contributor to global GDP, but it also plays a critical role in global food safety and satisfies people’s expectations for quality food and lifestyle. Recently, however, th... more

  • The Rise of a Giant: Asia’s Half Century of Economic Development - Asia now plays a central role in the global economy, but it wasn’t always this way. In the past 50 years, Asia’s combined GDP has grown from a relatively modest US $420 billion in 1969 to nearly US $30 trillion in 2019. A combination of active trade and direct foreign investme... more

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  • The Allure of Cities: Trends in Business Development and Growth in Urban Areas - Twenty-first-century living is increasingly becoming an urban experience. From Chicago to Shanghai, the majority of the world’s inhabitants are city-dwellers, trading open pastures for open offices. There’s no sign of society’s urbanization slowing down either — by 2050, the U... more

  • How Business is Done in Accra: A Snapshot of One WTC's Important Role - On June 12 WTCA released its second annual Trade and Investment Report detailing how cities are navigating global economic uncertainty in local communities around the world. It also demonstrated how our Members play a vital role, working hand-in-hand with their municipalities ... more

  • 2019 T&I Report Illuminates How Businesses are Navigating Uncertainty - On June 12, World Trade Centers Association Day, the WTCA published its second annual WTCA Trade & Investment (T&I) Report: Navigating Uncertainty. This year’s report investigated how cities are pursuing trade, investment, and growth amidst heightened geopolitical and ... more

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  • Trends in Financial Technology Around the Globe - The days of calling a broker to order a stock trade are long behind us. Unsurprisingly, technology has become an integral aspect of investment across the world. Financial Technology, or “FinTech,” has led Wall Street’s pneumatic tubing system to be replaced by waves of advanci... more

  • WTC’s Role in Technology and Innovation: Providing a Place for Tech Companies to Flourish - In today’s digitally connected world, technology and innovation thrive. Mere brick and mortar buildings cannot be long term, apt solutions for new-age businesses that foster creative work. They need a futuristic ambience with refreshing energy that enhances productivity and ef... more

  • The Road to Silicon Valley: How Tech Companies Choose their Hometowns - Since the 1970s, Silicon Valley has been widely viewed as the global center of the technology (tech) industry. Some of the largest and most innovative tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook all call it home, as do thousands of startups. A workforce of more than ha... more

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  • Four Emerging Business Trends in Latin America - Latin America has seen a drastic departure from business as usual. Many countries are dealing with monumental policy shifts that alter how their economies function, which of course have ripple effects on surrounding countries. Larger societal issues, such as immigration, can a... more

  • From Arkansas to QuerĂ©taro: Reflections on a GA Trade Delegation - Exports sent from Arkansas to Mexico have grown over 700 percent since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was enacted in 1994. Of those, agricultural exports have grown over 911 percent during the same period. To accomplish milestones such as these, trade delegati... more

  • Why YOU are our Greatest Salesperson - It is a well-known adage in business that an organization’s touchpoints must all reinforce the core values of that brand. That is especially true for the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA). When we talk about all of the important work of the WTCA, I do not have to tell o... more

  • Four Special Days In The Heart Of Mexico - The Annual General Assembly (GA) is the premiere event for the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA). Held in a different global region each year, it provides the host with an opportunity to showcase all that its home city has to offer. The 2019 GA was held in QuerĂ©taro, Mexi... more

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