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  • Member Perspective - Special Section: COVID-19 Hero Stories From Around The Network - WTC Barcelona Judith Llorente, Marketing Manager, WTC Barcelona WTC Barcelona (WTCB)wanted to do its part in the fight against the pandemic, so the team encouraged their community to show their support to the COVID-19 healthcare workers and patients by launching an initiat... more

  • Member Perspective - Special Section: COVID-19 Hero Stories From Around The Network - WTC Metro Manila Pamela D. Pascual, President and CEO, WTC Metro Manila WTC Metro Manila (WTCMM) — a pioneer in world-class exhibition venues in the Philippines — was converted into a COVID-19 center on April 3 to help the government address the looming gap in hospitals an... more

  • WTCA Meridian™ July/August 2020 Issue (Special Summer Double Issue) - more

  • Announcing the 2020 WTCA MAC Chairs and Vice-Chairs - In June, the WTCA MACs held their annual Chair and Vice-Chair elections. More than 20 individuals ran for a leadership position for the forthcoming year to lead and engage MAC members around the world, facilitating membership dialogue and taking actionable steps towards a stro... more

  • TECHNOLOGY ISSUE: REMOTE WORK TRENDS (WTC Kansas City) - Like many of our counterparts, WTC Kansas City’s initial days of working remotely and understanding the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic involved postponing and delaying programs and events until we could formulate a plan to continue our mission: Education, Connect, and Trade.... more

  • TECHNOLOGY ISSUE: REMOTE WORK TRENDS (WTC Denver) - WTC Denver has been an active WTCA Member since 1987, and concentrates on delivering quality trade education, global business consulting services, and trade research for all industries in the Rocky Mountain region. Since 1973, Denver has hosted one of the most popular World Tr... more

  • TECHNOLOGY ISSUE: REMOTE WORK TRENDS (WTC Sharjah) - Similar to other WTCs, Expo Centre Sharjah (WTC Sharjah) has faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic to make the decision to postpone, cancel, or move its in-person exhibitions to a digital environment. Considering parameters, we took varying approaches to four events so... more

  • TECHNOLOGY ISSUE: REMOTE WORK TRENDS (WTC Algiers) - World Trade Center Algiers started its operations more than 20 years ago and has grown into a respected and recognizable local brand. By offering companies the necessary supporting tools to grow in Algeria — from consultancy to trade services, real estate management to corpora... more

  • TECHNOLOGY ISSUE: REMOTE WORK TRENDS (WTC Montevideo) - Our WTC complex has six buildings comprised of 200,000 square meters and more than 400 companies that employ over 9,000 people. Although the Uruguayan government did not enforce a lockdown when the pandemic first came in early March, they issued a “Stay at Home” order. Given t... more

  • TECHNOLOGY ISSUE: REMOTE WORK TRENDS (WTC Valencia) - WTC Valencia is widely known in the region for organizing events at the Convention Center of the Hesperia WTC Hotel Valencia. We host various events and activities — ranging from #InnovAcción to WTC Day — throughout the year as part of the WTC Valencia Agenda. Available to our... more

  • TECHNOLOGY ISSUE: REMOTE WORK TRENDS (WTC Twente) - Every year, World Trade Center Twente organizes “World Trade Day," where representatives of foreign embassies in the Netherlands are invited to participate in a matchmaking program with companies from the region. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 edition cannot take place... more

  • TECHNOLOGY ISSUE: REMOTE WORK TRENDS (WTC Cyprus) - Since March 23, Cyprus has been placed under a strict lockdown, closing all airports and ports. Similar to other areas around the world, employees at non-essential businesses, such as WTC Cyprus, have been working remotely. Even with the lockdown now lifted, this way of workin... more

  • Technology Issue: Remote Work Trends (WTC Suwon) - Communities and governments around the world are struggling to deal with the chaos that COVID-19 has created. Although Korea has been dealing with the outbreak effectively, the trade sector is still going through a difficult time. New trade deals have plummeted, and the cancel... more

  • Technology Issue: Remote Work Trends (WTC Mumbai) - At the MVIRDC WTC Mumbai, management took proactive steps to respond to the disruptions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, the task was to look after the safety of staff and guiding occupants in the complex, easing anxieties through direct communication, and enforcin... more

  • WTCA Meridian™ June 2020 Issue - more

  • WTCA Global Town Hall Recap (April 21 and 22) - In response to Member feedback to follow up on the global town hall meetings held in March, the WTCA hosted two global town hall meetings in April via video conference. Over the span of two days, 74 WTC representatives from 14 countries around the world — including China, Cypr... more

  • COVID-19 Updates From Around the Network: North America and the Caribbean - Editor’s Note: As Mexico is included in the Latin American WTCA Region, the WTCA North American Region only includes Canada, the United States, and non-Spanish speaking Caribbean countries (i.e., Haiti). On the surface, the reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada and the... more

  • COVID-19 Updates From Around the Network: Middle East and Africa - According to a recent article (1) by, “the number of COVID-19 cases in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region crossed 129,502 as of April 22.” Compared to other regions, MEA is further behind in the number of COVID-19 cases and casualties, and appears to have n... more

  • COVID-19 Updates From Around the Network: Latin America - The COVID-19 pandemic is now widespread throughout Latin America and has been present since January. However, it was not until the beginning of March that local cases were reported. Information on the total number of cases is not equally reliable across all countries in Latin ... more

  • COVID-19 Updates From Around the Network: Europe - The first known cases of COVID-19 in Europe were confirmed in France on January 24. Since then, the virus has spread rapidly across Europe, with particularly high cases and deaths in France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. As the situation has escalated, governments have closed down... more