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  • TRENDS AND OPPORTUNITIES IN GLOBAL PHILANTHROPY - Last month ”WTCA Meridian” featured the launch of the WTCA Foundation’s new programming (see November’s WTCA Meridian for more). and since the end of the year is traditionally seen as the season of giving, we asked Sunil Oommen, Founder of Oommen Consulting, to identify some t... more

  • World Trade Centers Association Announces the Formation of Regional Advisory Council—Europe - New York, NY, USA | The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) today announced the formation of its first Regional Advisory Council (RAC), the result of several months of work to build capacity on the ground in its regions. “Our intent with this pilot program is to put addit... more


  • WTCA Meridian November 2018 Feature: The Ups and Downs of Global Trade - This past year was volatile for global trade and commerce, with new trade deals, testy international relationships, and the disruption of traditional institutions paving the way for evolving trade partnerships and new investment opportunities. Perhaps the biggest contributo... more

  • WTCA Meridian November 2018 Feature: Member Seminar 2018 - The business world is changing by the minute – large sums of money are moved in mere seconds at the touch of a smartphone, and the majority of daily business tasks are all done behind a screen.But one thing remains true: the value that face-to-face interaction still boasts can... more

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  • October 2018 Trend Watch: Emerging Trends Watch in Africa - Accelerated growth seen last year across Africa is expected to continue into the rest of 2018 and into 2019. Much of that growth is due to increased economic and financial transactions across sectors. Africa is the global leader in mobile money and it is an important component... more

  • Transatlantic Trade Relations: Ties that bind - Note this is an excerpt of WTCA Meridian, the official publication of the WTCA. Read here: Transatlantic relations have cooled significantly in the past decade, with this decline accelerating following the recent US election. This evolution be... more

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