Member Perspective - Special Section: COVID-19 Hero Stories From Around The Network (Europe)

WTC Barcelona
Judith Llorente, Marketing Manager, WTC Barcelona

WTC Barcelona (WTCB)wanted to do its part in the fight against the pandemic, so the team encouraged their community to show their support to the COVID-19 healthcare workers and patients by launching an initiative called “No Esteu Sols” (You Are Not Alone). The initiative seeks to make professionals and patients feel more supported by the entire WTCB Virtual Community.

Partnering with Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, the WTCB team set up an email address to receive messages, letters, drawings, and videos from the community expressing encouragement and appreciation to these professionals and patients. A selection of these submissions is published on the Clinic’s website. To date, numerous submissions have been received, and the WTCB team is confident that this initiative has helped professionals and patients continue in the fight against COVID-19. Initiatives like this show frontline workers and patients that they are not alone because the #WTCBVirtualCommunity is with them.

Wtc Barcelona   Photo

Photo caption: In partnership with Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, WTC Barcelona launched an initiative called “No Esteu Sols” (You Are Not Alone) to support the professionals and patients of COVID-19.

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WTC Leeuwarden
E.J. Schouwstra, Managing Director, WTC Leeuwarden

Touched by first response efforts and a strong drive to make a small difference during the COVID-19 pandemic, Anniek van Aert and Dokkumer Vlaggen Centrale (DVC), a member of WTC Leeuwarden, joined forces and developed the Corona flag.

“The flag makes a great symbol by displaying two hands holding each other, shaping a heart. That’s what this is about — showing you care and support local heroes and those in need,” said Anniek van Aert.

Through this initiative, DVC offered the opportunity for citizens to give a shout out to first responders without leaving their homes and donate to the Red Cross in the Netherlands. Van Aert added that “It was heartwarming. I received pictures from all over the country where this flag was waving. We need to show we stand together and empathize with each other in these difficult times.”

To date, DVC has raised €37.500 for the Red Cross in the Netherlands.

Wtc Leeuwarden Bossche Parels Vlaggen Met Elkaar Voor Elkaar Anniek Van Aert St.Jan

Photo caption: Anniek van Aert displays the flag DVC created to support local heroes and those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo credit: WTC Leeuwarden / Dokkumer Vlaggen Centrale (DVC)