Past Events

  • FINANCIAL TRAINING & TOOLS TO MANAGE LIQUIDITY - Seminar: "Financial training and international tools to manage liquidity: technical issues and fiscal aspects". WTC Trieste organizes a seminar, promoted by EXANTE XNT, which includes a training program aimed at sharing high financial educational skills for entrepreneurs, p... more

  • TRANSATIONAL TAX SYSTEM, CUSTOMS & FREE ZONES - Bilateral Seminar (Austria-Italy): “Transactional Tax System, custom aspects and Free Zones features) • Tax systems, Free Zones: operational, commercial and fiscal advantages.• History of the Free Port peculiarities • Customs value and transfer prices, circular 5/2017 of 2017... more

  • OBSTACLES ANALYSIS TO EXPORT OF FOOD MADE IN ITALY - Referring to the most recent available data of Italian Trade Commission and FEDERALIMENTARI, in 2015, in the agro-food sector, the global turnover referred to the counterfeiting of Italian products was approximately 6 billion euros while, for the “Italian Sounding” (not-Italia... more

  • INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ETIQUETTE - 2016/11/11 Russia and Eastern Europe2016/11/18 China, Japan and Korea2016/11/25 Arab Countries and Middle East The seminar is focused on the “Business Etiquette”: a set of criteria considered ethically acceptable for the interaction between individuals from different Countrie... more

  • MAIN REASONS TO INVEST IN REAL ESTATE IN USA & UK - The workshop aims at supporting business people and private investors, providing tools and operative strategies evaluate different investments in foreign markets (general view on the markets, legal aspects and fiscal profile of the investors). more