Seminar: "Financial training and international tools to manage liquidity: technical issues and fiscal aspects".

WTC Trieste organizes a seminar, promoted by EXANTE XNT, which includes a training program aimed at sharing high financial educational skills for entrepreneurs, professionals and traders from the Northeast of Italy.

The speakers, Mirko Castignani and Andrea Vaturi, are experts in the financial sector, primary level trainers in the subject of trade with solid bios. They are also specialized in the field of financial trading as a strategic investment instrument.

The goal of the event is to provide participants with a high-level financial education that can help them to invest in a profitable way and maximize liquidity by improving their companies’ profitability, also by gaining resources that can then be invested in additional financial activities, creating a virtuous circle that starts from the knowledge of the market and its dynamics.

One of the main topics tackled is the liquidity management as a tool to generate additional profits, currency hedges for international operations and investment potential for the current year, both on the Italian market and, in particular, focused on the USA market.