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  • WTC Seoul hosting "JEWELRY FAIR KOREA 2016" - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - WTC Seoul is hosting “Jewelry Fair Korea 2016” on April 21st through 24th. 2016 marks the 14th year of this event co-hosted by KITA and COEX and known to be the Korea’s only jewelry and watch fair show. This exhibition not only supports related industry’s... more

  • KITA established a new branch in Chengdu, Sichuan - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – KITA (License holder of WTC Seoul) has established another branch in Chengdu, Sichuan last month and officially operating from February, 2016. Korea International Trade Association (KITA) is establishing a new branch in Chengdu, Sichuan to welcome Korean-... more

  • Seoul Int' Sports & Leisure Industry Show 2016 - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – The ultimate sport & leisure expo (SPOEX 2016) will be held in Coex for 4-days from February 25, 2016. SPOEX 2016 is co-hosted by Korea institute of sport science and KITA (Korea International Trade Association, License holder of WTC Seoul) this year ... more

  • "The Brilliant Countdown" - NYE party in Gangnam - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – 31st of December, the last day of 2015, WTC Seoul (Korea International Trade Association) and Hyundai motor co-hosted the 5th annual “The Brilliant Countdown”. Streets were blocked and countless Seoul citizens filled the area from COEX to Gangnam station. ... more


  • WTC Seoul, Korea Grand Sourcing Fair 2015 - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - WTC Seoul hosted “Korea Grand Sourcing Fair 2015” on December 3rd and 4th, 2015. About 100 global big buyers from all over the world were invited to witness this event. The Korea Grand Sourcing Fair is a large scale business matching event hosted by KITA ... more


  • WTC Seoul Organized 1st East Asia WTC Forum - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - With the assistances of WTCA Beijing Representative Office, the WTC Seoul (KITA or Korea International Trade Association) successfully organized the 1st East Asia WTC Forum on December 3-5, 2014. Invited by WTC Seoul, 33 delegates from 17 WTCs from Chines... more

  • WTC Seoul Hosts Premium India & ASEAN 2014 - SEOUL, KOREA - WTC Seoul (license held by Korea International Trade Association), and Chairman Duck-soo HAN, hosted Premium India & ASEAN 2014 from June 17-18 at COEX, Seoul, to provide support for Korean exporters in gaining market entry into India and ASEAN. For this occ... more

  • WTC Seoul Hosts Jewelry Fair Korea 2014 - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - WTC Seoul hosted Jewelry Fair Korea 2014 at COEX from April 24-27 in Seoul, South Korea. Co-hosted by WTC Seoul and nine jewelry organizations including the Korea Jeweler Confederation Associate and the Korea Jeweler’s Association, Jewelry Fair Korea was ... more

  • WTC Seoul Hosts “Korea Trade Show Tokyo 2014” - SEOUL, SO. KOREA - WTC Seoul (licensee Korea International Trade Association) will host the Korea Trade Show Tokyo 2014 at Tokyo International Forum from April 15 to 16 in Tokyo, Japan. Sponsored by nine Korean local governments, the Korea-Japan Economic Association and the Ja... more

  • WTC Seoul Hosts Korea-Uzbekistan Business Forum - SEOUL, SO. KOREA - Located in the heart of Eurasia, Uzbekistan is emerging as an international business hub for production and logistics. In recognition of Uzbekistan’s promising growth prospects, WTC Seoul dispatched a Korean trade delegation, consisting of domestic exporter... more