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  • WTC Seoul - Global Network 1:1 Meeting on November - WTC Seoul - WTC Seoul, we are excited to invite you to the WTC Global Network 1:1 Meeting on November 28-29, 2017, for all the business members of local WTCs seeking to build a global network and explore promising business opportunities. Held in conjunction with the Grand... more

  • COEX Opens Free Library Space - SEOUL, KOREA - Visitors to COEX in Samseong-dong will now be greeted by the tentatively titled “Open Library” in the center of the mall, set to open on May 31. Here, anyone can read 50,000 books for free. iPads are also there so people can read books online. Sofas,... more

  • WTC SEOUL - KOREA-US FTA FIFTH ANNIVERSARY - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - WTC Seoul (KITA) and the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) in Korea gathered at COEX in Seoul to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the KORUS FTA. In a ceremony, Joo Hyung-hwan, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy said “The two countries’ tra... more

  • WTC Seoul - SPOEX 2017 - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - The Seoul International Sports & Leisure Industry Show (SPOEX) 2017, the largest and fastest-growing sports and leisure industry show in Korea will be held in February 2017 at COEX, Seoul, Korea. This upcoming exhibition will feature ... more


  • WTC Seoul - 53rd Trade Day - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - The 53rd Trade Day commemoration event took place at the COEX convention center on Monday, 5th of December, with more than 1,400 attendants to encourage business people and companies. In the opening remark at the ceremony, WTC Seoul Chairm... more

  • WTC Seoul Hosts 2016 Seoul Cafe Show - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - 2016 Seoul International CafĂ© show greeted its 15th anniversary and successfully brought world-wide coffee people’s attention to the fascinating city of Seoul, Korea. Seoul CafĂ© show has grown itself to become the largest coffee exhibition in Asia. ... more

  • KITA Sent Trade Investment Delegation - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - The Korea International Trade Association (WTC Seoul, Chairman Kim In-Ho) was part of the Myanmar-Vietnam Trade Investment Delegation, composed of 37 delegates from 31 Korean companies who are interested in making inroads into ASEAN emerging markets Novemb... more

  • Medical Korea & K-Hospital Fair 2016 - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Coex successfully hosted “Medical Korea & K-Hospital Fair” from October 20 - 24, 2016. K-Hospital Fair is an annually held B2B medical exhibition & conference in Korea, organized by the Korean Hospital Association which represents over 2,800 ... more

  • Coex Urban Park Fest K-POP Music Stage - SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA -  The Coex Urban Park Fest K-POP Music Stage made joyous atmosphere at the center of Seoul, Coex Urban Park, which took place from October 23 through October 24, 2016. This event was hosted by Coex, near Yeoungdongdae-ro, Seoul in Coex Urban Park... more

  • "Seoul International Gift Show 2016" - "Seoul international gift exhibition 2016" will be held in WTC Seoul from September 8 to September 11. Around 360 domestic companies and 20 international companies will participate in the exhibition and this exhibition is expected to advertise the participating companies’ p... more