WTC Seoul, Korea Grand Sourcing Fair 2015

Dec 21, 2015

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - WTC Seoul hosted “Korea Grand Sourcing Fair 2015” on December 3rd and 4th, 2015. About 100 global big buyers from all over the world were invited to witness this event.

The Korea Grand Sourcing Fair is a large scale business matching event hosted by KITA to support small-medium business and their export. Big buyers, such as Tencent, Sasa cosmetics, and Sprint participated in this 8th annual event and carried out 900 business matching among 500 Korean companies.

This year was evaluated to be more remarkable because there were global top distribution chain companies (Seven Eleven, TESCO, Auchan), manufacturers (Volkswagen, Maxmara), and TV Home shopping companies (Indonesia DRTV, China GS UGO) to offer more variety in items and industry.

Furthermore, participation of e-commerce distribution companies like Ensogo (Occupies 91% of Thailand’s e-commerce traffic) and TianTian (China’s #1 e-commerce cosmetic company) increased anticipation for the success of K-products’ online distribution.

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