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John Thomas Keynote for Executive Speaker Series

Sep 05, 2014


NEW ORLEANS, LA, USA – On July 17, 2014, the World Trade Center New Orleans (WTCNO) hosted John Thomas, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategic Officer for Leidos. Thomas discussed Leidos' primary business areas as one of the largest defense contractors in the U.S.

Thomas gave an overview of former CEO John Jumper’s work at Leidos, the company’s work in national security and intelligence, health, energy, and the government’s involvement and effects on the company.

“We’re faced with a challenging time right now. The budget is going down and we predict the part of the government budget that we see and have access to will decrease by as much as four percent for the next couple of years up with no positive changes until 2017. We still have an education challenge with our customers, Wall Street analysts, and the general public. We’re not a new company. We’re the same company that’s supported you for the last 20 years; we’ve just got a new name,” says Thomas.

John Thomas was the second speaker in the Executive Speaker Series for 2014. Created to expose Louisiana businesses to insights from national industry leaders, the series allows local establishments more opportunities to develop their networks while learning about best practices within their industry.

The next speaker in the series will be Walter Robb, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Whole Foods Market. This event will take place September 25, 2014 in the Westin New Orleans at 8 a.m.

About John Thomas
Thomas began working for Leidos in 2002 after retiring as Major General from the U.S. Army where he fulfilled a career in army intelligence. He is currently the Vice President and Chief Strategic Officer at Leidos. He manages several areas including strategy, communications, mergers & acquisitions, government & legislative affairs, and also works for the company in the national security sector.

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