• 14th World Business Leaders Roundtable - The 14th World Business Leaders Roundtable (BLR) reached a complete success. It was one of the supporting events of CIFIT 2015 and the second event of the Belt and Road Series Events organised by CCPIT Xiamen. Wang Jinzhen, Vice Chairman of CCPIT, and Huang Wenhui, Vice Mayor ... more

  • Blue Ocean for cross-border e-commerce industry - On the 14th World Business Leaders Roundtable, India positioned itself as the next blue ocean for cross-border e-commerce. Mr. William Su Yuqun, Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen, COIC Xiamen, and WTC Xiamen, said that in December, the organisation will host a “Go India” as the third e... more

  • Xiamen-Longyan Cross-Border E-Commerce Matchmaking - XIAMEN, CHINA - On August 5th to 6th, Vice Chairman Chen Zhong led COIC Xiamen E-Commerce Committee to Longyan for Xiamen-Longyan Cross-Border E-Commerce Matchmaking. Chen Zhong expressed his gratitude to the CCPIT Longyan’s arrangement and support. Chairman of CCPIT Longyan C... more

  • The 3rd Quarter TPOs Meeting in Xiamen - XIAMEN, CHINA - On August 4th, CCPIT Xiamen organised the 3rd Quarter TPOs Meeting. Representatives from Consulate Generals, TPOs and business associations of 11 countries, as well as Xiamen government officials, member enterprises of COIC Xiamen, and representatives from COIC... more

  • The 3rd Go Africa Roundtable - XIAMEN, CHINA - The 3rd Go Africa Roundtable was held on the morning of July 21st, co-hosted by CCPIT Xiamen, China Export & Credit Insurance Company Xiamen Branch, and CCPIT Training Center. As the debut of the “One Belt One Road” Series Events by CCPIT Xiamen, the Roundt... more

  • Matchmaking with ACFDA delegation in Xiamen - On July 20th, Minister Counsel of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Australia Huang Rengang and President of Australia China Friendship and Development Association (ACFDA) Chen Yanglei led Australian enterprises to Xiamen. The delegation visited FJFTZ(Xiamen) and Ut... more