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World Trade Center Xiamen
13/F, Puli Bldg., 199 Bai Lu Zhou Road
Xiamen, Fujian 361004


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About World Trade Center Xiamen

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Xiamen Committee (CCPIT Xiamen) was founded in 1988 as the executing agency for foreign trade and investment promotion in Xiamen. It is dedicated to promote trade, investment, economic cooperation and technological exchange between Xiamen and other countries and regions around the world, and to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship. Xiamen Chamber of International Commerce (COIC Xiamen), affiliated to CCPIT Xiamen, is a comprehensive, non-governmental, non-profit social organization with legal person status. It is composed of representatives from nearly 2140 members. With the support from Xiamen Municipal Government, CCPIT Xiamen and COIC Xiamen joined the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) and formally established “World Trade Center Xiamen”.

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CCPIT Xiamen, COIC Xiamen, and WTC Xiamen have served as the bridge and platform of foreign exchange and cooperation to promote international trade, external relations, two-way investment, technological innovation and industrial upgrading.


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  • Business Management & Professional Services
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  • Education & Knowledge Creation

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Regional Information

Xiamen is one of the most competitive city in China and one of the first Special Economic Zones on the mainland. As a vice-provincial city independently listed on the state development planning, it is granted with provincial-level authority on economic administration and local legislative power. Now, Xiamen SEZ has expanded to cover the whole municipality and has already become a modern and international port city featuring beautiful scenery.


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In 2015, CCPIT Xiamen will be fully committed to the Fujian Free Trade Area Program and the "New Silk Road" strategy. It is a new era, full of opportunities. CCPIT Xiamen, COIC Xiamen and WTC Xiamen will continue to promote the foreign trade sector for a better and more beautiful Xiamen.

In the News


  • CCPIT Xiamen organized TPOs meeting - On Jan 25th, CCPIT Xiamen(WTC Xiamen) organized the first quarter TPOs Networking 2018. Representatives from Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Canada, Korea, Japan, Germany, Australia, Uzbekistan, and other countries and regions gathered to brainstorm for new ideas for coo... more


  • WTC Xiamen held the TPOs Meeting Q1 - XIAMEN, CHINA - On February 18, CCPIT Xiamen /WTC Xiamen held the TPOs Meeting Q1 & Media Networking 2016 in Xiamen. TPOs from 17 countries and regions including Australia, Britain, Germany, Canada, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao... more


  • Weaving for future in India - On December 18, CCPIT Xiamen and Brandix India Apparel City (BIAC) co-organised the “Go India-- Promotion Event for Textile and Apparel Industry”. Ms. You Yuhong, Secretary-General of CCPIT Xiamen, COIC Xiamen and WTC Xiamen presided over the meeting.Mr. Yan Zhiping, Vice-Chai... more

  • CCPIT Xiamen led enterprises “Go Australia” - On December 8, based on the signature of China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, CCPIT Xiamen and Austrade co-host “Go Australia—A Win for Business and Consumers”. Mr. Su Yuqun, Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen, COIC Xiamen, and WTC Xiamen, presided over the activity.Mr. Zhong Xingguo, ... more

  • WTC Xiamen signed MOU with WTC Mumbai - Recently, Chen Zhong, Vice-Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen and Mr. Lin Jun from Indian liaison office of COIC Xiamen visited WTC Mumbai for business discussion with relevant Indian trading companies and consulting companies. Also, with Mr. Wang Xun, Vice-president of the World Trade ... more

  • CCPIT & WTC Taiwan High-Level Meeting - CCPIT & WTC Taiwan High-Level Meeting was held in Xiamen on December 3rd, 2015. Zhang Wei, Vice Chairman of CCPIT, and Huang Wenrong, Secretary-General of WTC Taiwan attended with 49 representatives from 16 CCPIT Sub-Committees and 17 participants from WTC Taiwan. The meet... more

  • Business Opportunities in Africa & Latin America - To further promote enterprises in Xiamen and neighboring cities to go global, CCPIT Xiamen organised Business Opportunities in Emerging Markets (Africa & Latin America) on November 27th.Leaders of national chambers of commerce from 18 countries including Cote d’Ivoire, Gha... more

  • Promote “the Belt & Road” Initiative - “The Belt & Road” Initiative is key to the development of Xiamen in the near future as Xiamen is a strategic propeller in this great undertaking. The whole city is working to fulfill the set target, so as CCPIT Xiamen. As the trade and investment promotion agency, CCPIT Xi... more

  • 14th World Business Leaders Roundtable - The 14th World Business Leaders Roundtable (BLR) reached a complete success. It was one of the supporting events of CIFIT 2015 and the second event of the Belt and Road Series Events organised by CCPIT Xiamen. Wang Jinzhen, Vice Chairman of CCPIT, and Huang Wenhui, Vice Mayor ... more

  • Blue Ocean for cross-border e-commerce industry - On the 14th World Business Leaders Roundtable, India positioned itself as the next blue ocean for cross-border e-commerce. Mr. William Su Yuqun, Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen, COIC Xiamen, and WTC Xiamen, said that in December, the organisation will host a “Go India” as the third e... more

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World Trade Center Xiamen
13/F, Puli Bldg., 199 Bai Lu Zhou Road
Xiamen, Fujian 361004


+86-592 2218807


+86-592 2230111