• 2017 WTC Monterrey Mentorship Program Kick Off - MONTERREY, MEXICO - On February 14th 2017, at the World Trade Center Monterrey UANL was held the "Mentorship Program NEXOBanregio - WTC MTY UANL 2017" kick off event, where more than 100 MSMEs attended. These companies will receive personalized advice and business training dur... more


  • Mentorship Program: A Successful Outlook - MONTERREY, MEXICO - After a long process of Mentorship program’s planning & development, the first year of activities had its closure.  This program was developed to help and see for the MSMEs in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and with them for the future of the Nuevo Leon’s ... more

  • WTC MTY Director at the Pacific Alliance - Eugenio Reyes Guzman, WTC Monterrey Director at the Pacific Alliance International Event The Pacific Alliance is a regional integration initiative formed by Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Its main reason for being is focused on deepening the integration between these econo... more

  • ROBERTA JACOBSON AT AMCHAM MTY ANNUAL ASSEMBLY - Message from Roberta Jacobson, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, at the American Chamber Monterrey Annual Assembly You meet at a crucial time – a time of testing, a crossroads where it will become clear whether we’re going to move forward in this great bilateral relationship and Nor... more

  • Jodi Hanson Bond at AmCham MTY Annual Assembly - Message from Jodi Hanson Bond, vice president of the Americas for the International Division at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, at the American Chamber Monterrey Annual Assembly I know you´re watching our absurd reality show of a presidential season!   I can assure you th... more

  • 17° International Conference AMCDPE September 6-9 - 17° International Conference AMCDPE September 6-9, 2016 Durango,Durango, México“México, in the light of the Economic field of the North” The Mexican Association of Centers for the Development of the Small Business,A.C. ( AMCDPE) have the pleasure to extend an invitation to th... more

  • Mentorship WTC Monterrey - Starting March 2016, we began a free pilot program for MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) that had over 2 years of operations and were looking for growing opportunities in their companies. This program is done alongside Banregio's NEXOBanregio platform. "PROGRAM": Me... more


  • Market Research - Uno de los beneficios inconmensurables de ser parte de una red tan robusto como el WTCA es la oportunidad de trabajar juntos y crear sinergias entre WTCs. Como prueba de ello, WTC Sao Paulo ha solicitado al WTC Monterrey para ayudar en la búsqueda de distribuidores potenciales... more

  • LATAM FOR BUSINESS - Durante el 2015 WTC Reunión Regional de América Latina, celebrada en Sao Paulo Brasil, el WTC Monterrey - UANL tomó 4 empresas mexicanas como parte de una misión comercial. La misión comercial fue un gran éxito! Las cuatro empresas tenían una serie de reuniones de los partidos... more

  • Trade Mission - Como Por un colegiada Esfuerzo el World Trade Center de Rhode Island y el WTC Monterrey - UANL Una Misión Comercial de entrada se recibio Durante La Segunda semana de noviembre. Dos Grupos Distintos De Las Reuniones se organizaron en nombre de las Compañías de Rhode Island. Un... more