• WTC Monterrey drives economic growth and education - World Trade Center Monterrey has been selected as one of the three outstanding centers that are driving economic impact and international business education. Under the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) model, WTC Monterrey contributes to the distribution of knowledge an... more

  • WTC MONTERREY CONDUCTS A RETAILER VENDOR FAIR - World Trade Center Monterrey conducted for second consecutive year the Retailer Vendor Fair where more than 300 SME's showed up to link themselves with the main food and retail vendors in the state of Nuevo Leon.  In the years to come we intend to team up with the Chamber of ... more

  • World Trade Center Monterrey at MXLAN 2024 - What a way to build bridges! In collaboration with WTC Monterrey director, Eugenio José Reyes Guzmán, MXLAN International Economic Summit combined three robust panel discussions: education, future of banking and USA - Mexico relations with a sistercity trade mission. Kudos to... more

  • Why is it so hard for LATAM SMEs to export? - Eugenio Reyes, member of the WTCA board, participated in the MSME dialogue of the Americas sharing the best practices of mexican SBDC expansion. Is it not true that 97% of all exporting units are SMEs. Right, but, in USD terms, they are collectively less than 10% of the total... more

  • WTC MONTERREY TRANSFERS THE SBDC MODEL IN MEXICO - By an invitation made by the USA Embassy in Mexico, World Trade Center Monterrey transferred the Small Business Development Center model to the Mexican southern states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo. This first-time ever effort happened during the third week of February and was m... more


  • WTC Monterrey will host FOMUF 2021 - Around the world, women play an essential role as leaders. They transform lives and are innate change agents.Recognizing their capabilities and talents, WTC Monterrey joins efforts with the Coordinating Council of Entrepeneurs Women chapter Nuevo Leon, to strengthen women’s le... more

  • Recent WTC Monterrey collaborations - In recent months, the WTC Monterrey has signed memorandums of understanding with various local organizations that work for small and medium-sized companies, as we do. We recognize the importance of working through alliances and collaborations that benefit the business communi... more

  • The WTC Monterrey will help 300 SMEs - The World Trade Center Monterrey through the Wadhwani Foundation, will provide free advice to 300 SMEs in the state of Nuevo Leon with the aim of doubling their production and keeping at least six thousand jobs. The World Trade Center Monterrey and the Wadhwani Foundation, wh... more


  • WTC Monterrey will provide free Online Training - In alliance with an enterprise called Territorium which offers a digital platform for online trining and education, WTC Monterrey will provide free Online Training for SMEs, and the training will be available for all the SMEs in Mexico. The contents of this training will be pr... more

  • WTC Monterrey offers free Business Coaching Online - To help the SMEs of our community during this difficult time because of the COVID 19,  the WTC Monterrey launched today a program called "Speed Business Coaching" in which our team of expert business advisors are providing business counceling online to give the SMEs a guide of... more