Past Events

  • Customer Service - Learn in a fun and dynamic way the most effective techniques to improve service and customer service by applying practical tools that achieve and retain truly satisfied customers. more

  • Building a High Impact Teamwork - That the participants know what are the tools, conditions and strategies to build a high impact work team, both in the public and private sectors. The course provides techniques to influence the skills and attitudes of the work team so that they work as a team and not as a wor... more

  • The rules of the family business - To provide business families with tools to professionalize their management, thinking about the prevention of possible conflicts and the success in their transition between future generations. more

  • Boost your business with Facebook - Provide business with the latest tools, new ideas and best practices to achieve success in Facebook and Instagram for business. Learn directly from our expert consultants. more

  • Sales' ABC (step by step) workshop - That the participants understand and apply the ABC model of assertive sales, as a tool to raise the level of sales. more