Upcoming Events

  • Digital marketing - Learn the use of digital marketing tools and strategies such as Google Adwords, SEO Web Positioning, Facebook and Instagram Marketing, to increase sales and customers of SMEs. more

  • The ABC of Assertive Leadership - That the participants identify what are the tools, skills and attitudes of an effective leader and how to use them to increase the efficiency and productivity of his team. more

  • Market research techniques - Share withthe audience the basic principles of market research and practice eight simple, economical and easy to apply techniques in their respective companies. more

  • Selecting the staff for my SME - Introduce the practical tools to entrepreneurs and leaders, to effectively select the best candidates to integrate them into their organization, resulting in the reduction of turnover rates and achieving their permanence in the company. more

  • Registered trademark - That the assistant obtain a guide that facilitates registering his trademark. more

  • Oportunity areas of my SME - The purpose of this event is that the assistant know what is really doing in their business correctly or incorrectly, to finally develop a strategy that guides the business to success. more

  • 13 steps to do your Business Plan - Transmit the basic elements of a business plan so that entrepreneurs and small entrepreneurs can evaluate their business idea and obtain the main strengths and areas of opportunity of their project. more

  • Development of Competitive Skills - This evento is to introduce the practical tools to entrepreneurs and leaders to solve the daily problems faced by the boss, manager or director in the search for results, in the supervision of personnel and in the management of resources in an environment of challenge and cons... more

  • More human Enterprise - The main purpose is to generate positive alternatives to create a work environment in which the company has better people, more human and more committed, which will make it more productive. more

  • Customer Service - The main objective is to learn in a fun and dynamic way the most effective techniques to improve service and customer service by applying practical tools that achieve and retain truly satisfied customers. more

Past Events

  • Strategic planning for SME's - The main purpose of this event is that the assistant could learn the process of development and implementation of projects to achieve purposes or objectives whose purpose promotes the development of the company, minimize the risks and maximize the use of resources and time. more

  • Energy efficiency - The main purpose of the event is to have a vision about the benefits of carrying out actions in the companies for the rational and efficient use of energy, increase their competitiveness and reduce operating expenses. more

  • Delegate the art of potentializing your results - Attendees will be able to: • Generate delegation processes that allow them to build high performance work teams. • Stimulate the best skills of its employees. • Promote a healthy follow-up to each collaborator. more

  • Efficiency of the Operative Processes - The assistant develops the continuous improvement and analysis of problems for the improvement of processes and in this way to satisfy the requirements of his clients (internal - external) more

  • Basic Finanace for SME's - Accompany and guide the participant, towards the understanding of the financial concepts necessary to generate reliable and timely financial information and to interpret the results of the business; being able to make decisions always looking for the maximization of business v... more