Upcoming Events

  • Essential Finances to Maximize the Value - That the participant learns to generate, interpret and take advantage of the financial information of the businesses to maximize their value. more

  • CLEAR method to speak in public - At the end of the event, participants will be able to apply techniques and tools of verbal and non-verbal communication that allow them to efficiently deliver professional presentations of products or projects. more

  • Customer service management - Learn in a fun and dynamic way the most effective techniquesto improve service and customer service and the process for handling complaints. Apply toolspractices that allow achieving and retaining really satisfied customers.Other important topics include the following:• The ke... more

  • 5s methodology - Understand and guarantee compliance with the method called 5's. more

  • Deadly risks faced by SMEs - Business awareness conference about the risks that make SMEs fail. more

  • Project Management Workshop - To know a practical method to convert ideas and goals into projects, with the aim of increasing the chances of success and achieve results. more

  • Negotiation and Sales workshop - Know (or recognize) and apply negotiation and communication strategies to clients and prospects in order to increase sales more

Past Events

  • The Working Capital in your Company - Acquire the knowledge to carry out the best balance between the assets and obligations of the company, in such a way that the management of economic resources works as efficiently as possible. more

  • The power of Telemarketing in sales - That the participant knows, develops and applies the essence and power of a more human, emotional and structured Telemarketing that captivates the client. more

  • Excel basic to intermediate - The partcipipant will learn to use diffeerent techniques to create and edit an excel sheet, going from the basic steps to an intermediate level of knowledge about this essential office program more

  • Problem Solving - Learn to make decisions based on facts and data, as well as use basic statistical tools for the analysis and interpretation of data. more

  • The triangle of the successful sale - That the participant knows and develops the Know-how about the sale of high value and the connection with the client, proving its efficiency and effectiveness to achieve immediate results. more