Upcoming Events

  • Building a High Impact Teamwork - That the participants know what are the tools, conditions and strategies to build a high impact work team, both in the public and private sectors. The course provides techniques to influence the skills and attitudes of the work team so that they work as a team and not as a wor... more

  • Sales' ABC (step by step) workshop - That the participants understand and apply the ABC model of assertive sales, as a tool to raise the level of sales. more

  • Project Management Workshop - Acquire the necessary knowledge to transform the ideas, goals and personal, business or corporate objectives into projects through the implementation of a methodology that helps to develop techniques of Design, Planning and Management of said projects. more

  • RIF Workshop - That the participant knows more about the RIF which helps him in the operation of his business and knows how to use it in the correct way. more

Past Events

  • SME-Energy Efficiency Seminar - Know the impact of the use of energy on the costs of your company's products or services in order to learn what you are paying on your energy bills and thus reduce that account without affecting the quality of your products or services by supporting new technologies and suppor... more

  • The China One Belt One Road Initiative - To publicize the business opportunities that will exist in international commerce derived from the initiative of this Asian country. This initiative proposes a project, never before realized, of collaboration between the Eurasian countries, which will transform global trade. more

  • 13 steps to do your Business Plan - Transmit the basic elements of a business plan so that entrepreneurs and small entrepreneurs can evaluate their business idea and obtain the main strengths and areas of opportunity of their project more

  • Business Oportunities with Canada - The purpose of this conference is to let the local SME's know about the business oportunities in Canada  more

  • Business Oportunities with USA - The objective for this conference is that local SME's know how to do business in the USA more