Upcoming Events

  • CLEAR Method to speak in public - At the end of the event, participants will be able to apply verbal and non-verbal communication techniques and tools that allow them to efficiently deliver professional product or project presentations. more

  • Financial Evaluation of Projects - The purpose of this event is that the participant is able to land their ideas and investment projects numerically; being able to estimate their results; enabling it for successful decision making more

Past Events

  • Production Supervisors - Ensure compliance with defined work standards. Analyze and make decisions based on measurement tools. Understand and contribute to the implementation of process improvement tools. Support the tasks and controls defined by quality and process engineers. more

  • Customer service - At the end of the workshop, participants will identify ways to improve their Customer service processes. more

  • GSUITE: Google tools workshop - Workshop participants can learn about the conceptual and practical operation of G Suite applications to achieve better performance in their business. more

  • Strategic Planning Seminar - Starting from the questions, where are we? Where are we going? And how do we do it? We will learn to set the priorities of the organization. It is a practical program, where the participant learns while making his strategic business plan and establishes the control and monitor... more

  • Human Talent Management - Acquire a global vision of the strategic importance of the adequate management of human talent, to promote in their circles of collaborators strengthened relationships and more harmonious environments. more