WTC Lisboa Teams Up with Sebrae

Nov 14, 2022

WTC Lisboa teams up with Sebrae bringing a pool of 21 Million Small Businesses from Brazil to the ecosystem.

Sebrae is the Brazilian private entity that has been promoting the sustainable and competitive development of small businesses (businesses with Annual Revenue below the R$ 4.8 Million - 870.000€ - threshold) for over 50 years and it is now teaming up with World Trade Center Lisboa. This initiative will facilitate the internationalization of up to 21 Million small companies from Brazil to Europe, Africa, and Asia/Pacific.

Sebrae (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service), is a non-profit private entity that promotes the sustainable and competitive development of small businesses. The brand figured as the 8th strongest in Brazil when considering aspects such as differentiation, relevance, respect, and familiarity according to the Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) study. The entity has 2.649 service centers all over the country and offers over 250 no-fee, online training courses. From January to July 2022, Sebrae received more than 8 Million visits from small businesses around Brazil looking for training, access to credit, or partnerships.

Since the beginning of this project, many companies have approached Sebrae, showing their ambition to reach Portugal and also prepare their operations to deal with Global Markets. Brazil and Portugal have strong ties (the South American giant was discovered and colonized by the Portuguese more than 500 years ago), have cultural similarities, and speak the same language, therefore it is not hard to understand why Brazilian companies see the Iberian country as a safe first-step towards their internationalization.

For this reason, WTC Lisboa welcomes other WTC around the world to get in touch with us if you know companies interested in trading with Brazil, making good use of the support and expertise of a well-known entity such as Sebrae, established in Brazil in 1972 and with a deep understanding of the Brazilian economy, culture, and society.

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