Past Events

  • What Will Happen with the World in 2022? - Do you know about the current economic scenario and future vision of Brazil and Europe? What about the ERR - European Recovery and Resilience Plan? What are the main challenges and major changes in the market? Participate in the online event, which will be held by the WTC Lis... more

  • What Will Happen with the World in 2022? - This event will promote a debate between representatives of the Stock Exchange and Embraer, highlighting the main challenges in this new economy and major changes in the market, actions with the Portuguese government, initiatives in the areas of innovation and development, bot... more

  • Business Mission Web Summit 2019 - The Mission Web Summit Lisbon 2019 is a business, technology and innovation meeting that will connect you with the Portuguese business environment, one of the best regions in Europe for business creation. One of the highlights of this Mission will be to attend the Web Summi... more