MERCOPAR 2023: Fostering Business Connections

Aug 30, 2023

Mercopar 2023, an event organized by SEBRAE, is set to unfold once again, promising a dynamic platform for business growth, innovation, and collaboration. As we anticipate the 32nd edition of Mercopar, held from October 17th to 20th at the Centro de Feiras e Eventos Festa da Uva in Caxias do Sul, Brazil, it's clear that this event continues to be a driving force in fostering impactful connections within the industrial sector.

The traditional in-person Buyer Project events, renowned for their success in previous years, will be at the heart of Mercopar 2023. These engaging sessions, held at the Salão de Negócios, will offer four distinctive agendas: the International Buyer Project, the Metal-Mechanic segment, the General Industry focus, and the innovative Reverse Round.

A standout highlight of Mercopar, the International Buyer Project, serves as a conduit linking 30 companies from Latin America and Europe to a select group of 100 Brazilian suppliers. This platform encapsulates the essence of globalization, as businesses spanning continents come together to explore mutual growth prospects and forge lasting partnerships.

In the Metal-Mechanic segment, a robust network of 80 buying companies will converge with 370 suppliers, sparking a synergy that drives innovation forward. As industry players showcase cutting-edge products and technologies, this segment embodies the collaborative spirit that defines Mercopar.

The General Industry round will witness 80 prominent enterprises in search of solutions, converging with 350 potential suppliers. This convergence promises a breeding ground for ideas, enabling businesses to refine their strategies and operations, and setting the stage for long-term success.

A novel concept within Mercopar, the Reverse Round brings together seven anchor companies with a distinct objective: to evaluate on-site demonstrations of solutions presented by potential suppliers. This hands-on approach fosters direct engagement and instigates groundbreaking conversations, catalyzing the emergence of new possibilities and cutting-edge technologies.

As Mercopar 2023 prepares to roll out its engaging agendas, the underlying theme remains clear: to empower businesses, regardless of size, with opportunities for growth, learning, and exploration. The event's focus on various sectors, including metal-mechanics, technology, energy, and more, underscores its commitment to driving industrial progress across multiple dimensions.

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