WTC LISBOA & WTC ACCRA - From 16 until 18 September, WTC Lisboa welcomed a high level business mission from WTC Accra. We did 5 visits to companies, economic development agency and university. We also welcomed a Ghana - Portugal business conference on 17th September with 55 Portuguese business leaders and ended up with a 3hs matchmaking that is already producing results.
The video has been posted on the WTCA Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Next week we are co-organizers of a Brazilian business mission with 150 business men and women to the largest European start-up & technology conference in Lisbon Web Summit. We await your visit to Lisbon soon. Regards, Jose Magro


  • WTC Lisbon Promotes ParaĆ­ba CachaƧa in Portugal - On February 27, 2024, the World Trade Center Lisbon organized an event that brought together nine cachaƧa de alambique (artisanal cachaƧa) producers from the state of ParaĆ­ba, Brazil, with some of the most relevant Portuguese import, distribution, and retail companies. T... more


  • MERCOPAR 2023: Fostering Business Connections - Mercopar 2023, an event organized by SEBRAE, is set to unfold once again, promising a dynamic platform for business growth, innovation, and collaboration. As we anticipate the 32nd edition of Mercopar, held from October 17th to 20th at the Centro de Feiras e Eventos Festa da U... more

  • Seize New Business Opportunities at Mercopar - WTC Lisboa is thrilled to introduce Mercopar, an outstanding business opportunity that has recently come to our attention. Sebrae, a prominent organization and member of the WTC Lisboa Business Club, is actively seeking buyers from various sectors to participate in this r... more

  • 5 million Brazilian companies landed in Lisbon - On April 24, 2023, WTC Lisboa announced a partnership with the Brazilian National Confederation of the Commerce of Goods, Services, and Tourism (CNC) at the inauguration of that Brazilian entity's international representation in Portugal, as a member of WTC Lisboa Business... more

  • WTC Lisboa welcomes CNC as Partner - The World Trade Center Lisboa has been gaining attention from big entities in Brazil with its innovative ecosystem that facilitates business opportunities and partnerships, specially between Portuguese and Brazilian companies. As a testament to its success, the National Co... more

  • WTC Lisboa and Sebraeā€™s BTL 2023 mission - On February 2023, WTC Lisboa hosted the first day of Sebraeā€™s International Mission of Tourism. Sebrae (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service) has been encouraging the internationalization of a pool of 21 million small businesses from Brazil and, due to this, ... more

  • WTC Lisboa brings Sebrae to your town! - Attention, attention, attention! WTC Lisboa and Sebrae - the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service. The 8th stroĀ ngest brand in Brazil, with over 2.649 service centres and more than 20 Million visits in 2022 from small businesses around Brazil looking for tra... more

  • WTC Lisboa promotes trade with Brazilian entities - BTL (Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa), one of the most important tourism fairs in the world, will be happening from March 1st to 5th 2023 in Lisbon - Portugal. WTC Lisboa, through their recently announced partnership with Sebrae (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Servic... more


  • WTC Lisboa Teams Up with Sebrae - WTC Lisboa teams up with Sebrae bringing a pool of 21 Million Small Businesses from Brazil to the ecosystem. Sebrae is the Brazilian private entity that has been promoting the sustainable and competitive development of small businesses (businesses with Annual Revenu... more


  • WTC LISBON | BUSINESS MISSION WEB SUMMIT 2019 - WTC Lisbon, in partnership with Atlantic Hub, invites you to Business Mission Web Summit 2019!Ā  The Mission Web Summit Lisbon 2019 is a business, technology and innovation meeting that will connect international startups and entrepreneurs with the Portuguese business environme... more