WTC Lisboa promotes trade with Brazilian entities

Jan 10, 2023

BTL (Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa), one of the most important tourism fairs in the world, will be happening from March 1st to 5th 2023 in Lisbon - Portugal. WTC Lisboa, through their recently announced partnership with Sebrae (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service), will be receiving government officials linked to the Tourism industry and Micro and Small entrepreneurs determined to expand their business to Europe.

Missions involving visits to fairs and industry events as well as Trade Focused missions will be happening constantly throughout 2023 thanks to both WTC Lisboa and Sebrae's efforts. The companies coming to Lisbon will have been through Sebrae's intense training programs for business preparation, expansion, and internationalization. They will be prepared and eager to meet and do business with local Portuguese companies and other European markets, as well as Africa and Asia.

WTC Lisboa would like to hear from other WTCs interested in dealing with Brazilian entities. Sebrae has been around for over 50 years and it has developed a deep understanding of the Brazilian economy, culture, and society. In 2022, Sebrae received around 15 Million visits from small businesses around Brazil looking for training, access to credit, or partnerships. They are now raising the flag of internationalization, offering their support and expertise. If you know companies that would like to access the Brazilian market or trade with Brazilian entities, please contact WTC Lisboa today.

Wtc Sebrae