Mahmoud Nedjai; International Relations Manager, WTC Algiers

World Trade Center Algiers started its operations more than 20 years ago and has grown into a respected and recognizable local brand. By offering companies the necessary supporting tools to grow in Algeria — from consultancy to trade services, real estate management to corporate events and trade fairs — we have contributed in the creation of a productive and prosperous business environment in the country. However today, during the challenging times of the current global health crisis, most businesses have experienced considerable decreases in revenue due to the application of strict and preventive measures such as population lockdowns, travel restrictions, and other policies aimed at protecting the population and controlling the spread of COVID-19.

These measures had a direct impact on some of our World Trade Center’s key activities. As trade fairs, conferences, and seminars require people to gather in-person, World Trade Center Algiers decided to transform some parts of its current business model to remain operational, visible, active and profitable. And today, more than ever, we understand that technology is the best, if not the only, way to keep us moving forward. Further, we have been working on new concepts for seminars, conferences and other events which involves the use of digital platforms such as Zoom (TM), Microsoft Teams (TM), and other similar platforms that are fantastic and very effective ways to keep relationships active with our members, clients, and partners all around the world. We are currently in the testing phase for our e-learning platform and will be able to provide updates as soon as we finalize the launch in July.

For the past three months, WTC Algiers — along with many other World Trade Centers around the world — has been very active in exchanging information, sharing leads, and new ideas to maintain and develop our WTCA network via the WTCA Resource Center and WTCA COVID-19 page. Through these efforts, we have been able to work with multiple World Trade Centers — from New Delhi, Lisbon, and Rennes Bretagne, to Venlo, Cyprus, Moscow, and Barranquilla — on some exciting projects. Stay tuned for updates! WTC Algiers will also be participating in a panel discussion, alongside several WTCA Members around the world, on June 12 for a virtual WTCA Day event hosted by WTC Brest and WTC Rennes Bretagne. For more information, click here.

The world as we knew it has changed. The population’s work behaviors, consumer trends and commercial relations — which are key elements in the business world — have integrated new codes and patterns that obliges us to adapt to new ways of interacting with each other. And the use of technology will be at the heart of this transformation.