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WTC Veracruz
Blvd Adolfo Ruiz Cortines #3497. Col. Ylang Ylang
Boca del Río, Veracruz 94298


+52 (229) 923 0300


+52 (229) 923 0300






  • Business Services
  • Conference Facilities
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  • Group Trade Missions
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About World Trade Center Veracruz

The WTC Veracruz is highly ranked among Convention & Exhibition Centers in Mexico as the place for national and international events, since it grants high quality facilities and services as well as intelligent, strategic and modern design of multifunctional spaces in order to realize conferences, congresses, exhibitions and other corporate or social events successfully.

Halls of 9000m2 (96875.2 ft2) for exhibitions and 3410m2 (36705 ft2) for conventions can be converted and separated as needed by the customers in order to fit their requirements and respond precisely.

WTC Veracruz operates under the commitment of excellence endorsed by WTCA Award for Center of Excellence, ISO 9001 Certification of International Quality Standards and Earthcheck Certification for Sustainability.

Member Benefits:

  • Premium Business Address
  • Major exhibit and convention space
  • Sustainable environment
  • Personalized attention & services

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Facilities & Services

The State of Veracruz offers an enormous amount of natural beauty, cultural wealth, multiple traditions and culinary experiences to explore, combined with its dynamic commercial, industrial and touristic development which made it to one of the top 10 destinations within the business and tourism sector in Mexico.

The modern area around the WTC Veracruz is equipped with a first rate infrastructure including 2,600 rooms in 5-4 star hotels, high class restaurants and modern shopping malls.


  • Conference facilities
  • Convention Facilities
    Total Convention Facilities: 5
  • Exhibition Facilities
    Total Exhibition Facilities: 4
  • Business Center(s)
    Total Business Centers: 4
  • Temporary Office Space
    Total Temporary Office Spaces: 13
  • Hotel(s)
    Total Hotels: 7
  • Parking Garage(s)
    Total Parking Garages: 407

Trade Services

  • International Trade Events
    International Trade Workshops, International Trade Seminars, International Trade Events
  • International Trade Education Services
    International Trade Workshops, International Trade Seminars, International Trade Events
  • Exhibition Organizing Services
  • Conference Organizing Services
    Marketing Management, On site food catering services, 24 hour on call technical support, Hospitality Desk Message Center, Daily maintenance janitorial services, Clear security emergency procedures, Room set up support
  • Convention Organizing Services
    Registration Office Area, Freight and Material Handling and Construction, Decorating, Installation and Dismantling
  • Business Services
    Referrals to Other Service Providers, Translation Services, Audio Video Conferencing, Telecomm Internet Wifi, Domiciliation Services Virtual Office Services, Copy Graphics Capabilities
  • Trade Information and Research Services

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Our Impact

WTC Veracruz is architecturally unique, its significance is based on the magnificent facilities which are complemented by the highest quality service to host all kind of business meetings, congresses, trade fairs, convention, concerts and social events that generate an economic contribution benefiting the local sector.


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  • WTC Veracruz 25th anniversary - The WTC Veracruz is celebrating its 25th anniversary, which means many years of history and successfully promoting the positioning of Veracruz as an excellent destination for trade and industry in the region and abroad. The ceremony of this celebration was headed by Cuitlahuac... more

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WTC Veracruz
Blvd Adolfo Ruiz Cortines #3497. Col. Ylang Ylang
Boca del Río, Veracruz 94298


+52 (229) 923 0300


+52 (229) 923 0300