WTC Veracruz 25th anniversary

May 24, 2019

The WTC Veracruz is celebrating its 25th anniversary, which means many years of history and successfully promoting the positioning of Veracruz as an excellent destination for trade and industry in the region and abroad. The ceremony of this celebration was headed by Cuitlahuac Garcia Governor of the State of Veracruz who received a recognition from Remy Swaab representative of WTCA, who brought with him the message of Scott Ferguson, CEO of WTCA with many congratulations for 25 years of being members in Veracruz. In addition, accompanied by Xóchitl Arbesú Minister of Tourism of Veracruz, Ernesto Pérez Minister of Economic and Port Development of Veracruz, Oscar Lara Chairman of the Board of WTC Veracruz, Sergio Silva CEO and Betty Castellanos CCO; the Governor of Veracruz announced the relaunch of WTC Veracruz, in top 10 of the country's best convention venues. There is a project to expand the convention center and its operations, with the ambition of promoting it as a place with the guarantee of holding national and international events, as well as establishing Veracruz as a reference destination for business tourism, meetings and events industry, trade, investments, business, and contribute to its consolidation as an economic developer in the region.  Veracruz has one of the most important ports in Mexico and is the main historic gate from the Atlantic Ocean to Mexico City and the most important metropolitan areas of the country. In addition to the 25th anniversary of WTC in Veracruz, we are celebrating 500 years of the municipality of Veracruz, a great history that began with the ancient civilizations that settled in this region and with the arrival of people from other continents forged the immense culture, folklore, the warmth of the people and the gastronomy that we have in Veracruz. The figures of the port of Veracruz have showed a constant growth during the last years, is the main port in Mexico and the number one in terms of cargo handled annually. Therefore, the new Port of Veracruz is the most important port infrastructure project in Mexico, in the last 100 years; a port expansion project with five new terminal buildings and a new area for logistics operations. WTC Veracruz and its 221,618.152 ft² building on a single level is located 15 minutes from an International Airport; offering spaces and services for events that satisfy the requirements of the clients, with quality, technology, responsibility and professionalism.

WTC Veracruz 25th anniversary/ May 3rd 2019/ Betty Castellanos CCO WTC Veracruz/ Veracruz, Veracruz, MEXICO.