May 14, 2020

On Monday, May 11th 2020, WTC Veracruz developed the webinar named "Veracruz, Prepared destination. Reactivating Meetings Industry -The day after COVID-19” to give confidence to our clients and community and to know that as part of the meetings industry, we are working in an organized and timely manner, to maintain ourselves as leaders in the sector, bringing progress and well-being to Veracruz, Mexico. The webinar was celebrated with the participation of different leaders of the sector, such as Oscar Lara President of WTC Veracruz and State Government Liaison; Sergio Silva CEO of WTC Veracruz; Harry Grappa CEO of CRI Congresos & Convenciones, Jorge Galván CEO of Hotel Grand Fiesta Americana Veracruz; Enrique Guzmán CEO of Grupo Mariscos Villa Rica; Jorge Grappa CEO of Standver; Eduardo López CEO of Tecni-Control de Plagas; Luis Iturriaga Management-Strategy-Development Facilitator and coordinated by Beatriz Castellanos CCO of WTC Veracruz.

This year will be remembered in history as a milestone of how life changed in the world. Companies have had to react with great responsibility, a lot of creativity and discipline to give the business and meetings tourism assertiveness to our destination so that they feel safe in Veracruz.

This show is open and everybody have to adapt its activities and take the appropriate measures to continue forward; according to what has been expressed, it is totally true that WTC Veracruz and local meetings industry are still the best hosts such as destination and venue for conventions, exhibitions and events by complying with the most demanding protocols to assure customers that they are safe in our facilities.

Companies and people must evolve to new activities, standards, and habits to return to professional, work, and business routines. The WTC and businesses from Veracruz are working constantly and accelerated to be prepared to restart activities in the best way, guaranteeing the safety of customers, collaborators and community, following the measures and recommendations of national and international organizations.

We are also engaged in strong and sustainable growth to attract local, national and foreign people with renewed health care procedures for all events, based on the best and most beautiful destination in Mexico: Veracruz!

As long as we maintain a balance between public and financial health, business must serve for development as well as conventions and exhibitions must continue to generate economic, social and sustainable benefits for cities, which is why the WTC Veracruz and the MICE Industry have strengthened ourselves in face of this new and unexpected challenges.

Together, we are working to give great certainty to our customers and suppliers, with strict care, but also making use of new technologies to bring each event closer to those who due to restrictions, cannot be with us at the venue. We are adapting to each client to provide them with particular and unique experiences.

Veracruz has one of the most important ports in Mexico and is the main historic gate from the Atlantic Ocean to Mexico City and the most important metropolitan areas of the country. WTC Veracruz is celebrating its 26th anniversary and 501 years of the municipality of Veracruz, a great history that began with the ancient civilizations that settled in this region and with the arrival of people from other continents forged the immense culture, folklore, the warmth of the people and the gastronomy that we have in Veracruz.

Today more than ever, We connect Veracruz and Mexico to the business world.