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World Trade Center Saskatoon
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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7T 0J1


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About World Trade Center Saskatoon

World Trade Center Saskatoon is about creating, retaining and expanding jobs, hope and the future by raising the world profile of Saskatoon and the province of Saskatchewan. World Trade Center Saskatoon is designed to simplify doing business on the world scene both in bound and out bound. This is about transformational change. By simplifying partnering with NGO's and the private sector we create a synergy which is so critical to the success of the province.

Canola and flax field image Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Charles Melnick

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  • Hospitality: Tourism & Leisure,
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  • Agri-Business, Food & Beverage Processing, Animal Husbandry,
  • Athletic & Outdoor,
  • Energy: Utilities & Mining,
  • Advanced Manufacturing,
  • Engineering: R&D: Architecture & Construction,
  • Education & Knowledge Creation

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Our Impact

Strong Diverse Sectors

Saskatchewan has a wealth of resources that is the envy of nations - agriculture, potash, uranium and oil.


$13.4 billion - Sales of agrifood products from Saskatchewan


Percentage of Canada's total farmland


18.2 Million hectares of culivated farmland in Saskatchewan

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  • Sustainability Vital to International Exporters - ESG frameworks were initially established to help guide investment decisions by focusing a critical lens on a company’s environmental, social, and governance strategies.  Increasingly, this lens is shifting to supply chains and international trade.  GHG reduction targets an... more


  • World Trade Center Saskatoon - A Year In Review - The world has witnessed an unjust and unprovoked war in Ukraine that is impacting livelihoods and families, global nutrition needs, costing lives and has had untold damage to property that will take years and reparations to rebuild. All of this on the heals of post COVID in... more


  • 37th Annual Western Canadian Crop Production Show - SASKATOON, Saskatchewan – The 37th Annual Western Canadian Crop Production Show, held January 13-16, 2020 wrapped up last week. Weather was consistent with winter in January in Saskatchewan and organizers were pleased with the attendance for all 4 days. The information gathere... more

  • Protein Supercluster - Winnipeg, MB – Today, Protein Industries Canada announced their second co-investment into a consortium-led project. The $19.1 million project will work to commercialize high quality plant-based proteins, focusing on proprietary pea protein and canola protein isolates, includin... more

  • Protein Industries Canada Invests to Improve Prote - Saskatoon, SK - Today, Protein Industries Canada, along with industry partners, announced an investment of more than $27 million into a canola breeding project focused on making canola hybrids that produce high protein meal for downstream use. This is the first commercial bree... more


  • Growing Agricultural Trade between China & Canada - World Trade Center Harbin and World Trade Center Saskatoon today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which will see both World Trade Centers (WTC) working together to grow agricultural trade. The delegation from Harbin, led by Hongshan Zhang, the visionary Chairman ... more


  • WTC Saskatoon Joins the WTCA! - SASKATOON, CANADA - The announcement of the WTC Saskatoon July 12, 2017 was a momentous day in Saskatoon’s history. The Top of the Inn was brimming with politicians from all 3 levels of government, non-government organizations, and the private sector. This was the work and e... more

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World Trade Center Saskatoon
210 - 415 Wellman Crescent
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7T 0J1


306 931 3030