WTC Saskatoon Joins the WTCA!

Aug 09, 2017

SASKATOON, CANADA - The announcement of the WTC Saskatoon July 12, 2017 was a momentous day in Saskatoon’s history. The Top of the Inn was brimming with politicians from all 3 levels of government, non-government organizations, and the private sector. This was the work and endeavors of John and Bernice Williams, founders of Canwest CLC. 

WTC Saskatoon is about creating, retaining and expanding jobs, hope and the future by raising the world profile of Saskatoon and the province through WTCA. The WTC Saskatoon is designed to simplify doing business on the world scene both in bound and out bound. This is about transformational change; governments can’t do everything. So by simplifying and partnering with NGO’s and the private sector we create a synergy which is so critical. We have what the world wants, the 3 F’s: food, fuel and fertilizer. On top of this we have potash reserves for at least the next 500 years, the richest uranium deposits in the world, we ship more oil to the U.S.A. than Kuwait does, we are home to 100,000 lakes, and a forest larger than Germany, and we are the largest exporters in Canada on a per capita bases. The top 5 agri-food products that we exported from Saskatchewan in 2016 were: Canola Seed, Lentils, Non-durum wheat, Canola oil and Peas totaling $8.20 Billion. On a world scale out of the top 5 agri-food exports in 2016, we are the world’s leading exporter of 4: canola seed, lentils, canola oil and peas. We have 40% of all the agricultural land and do approximately 30% of the agriculture research in Canada. We have Canada’s only synchrotron.  

Being part of the WTCA will give Saskatoon and the province a new outlook on world trade. This will give businesses, agricultural industry, tourism, research, manufacturing, and processing to work in ways never seen before.

WTC Saskatoon will help to attract foreign direct investment to our Province through increased world recognition as a destination for international business and investment. Saskatoon has one of the most diversified economies in all of Canada. This is an incredible opportunity for everyone to benefit! 

WTCA is benefiting everyone so that we all win together; it’s a winning combination. If you wish you can find out more about us at We have several videos that tell part of our great story under Serving Saskatchewan. 

Thank you WTCA for welcoming us!