Growing Agricultural Trade between China & Canada

Jan 08, 2018

World Trade Center Harbin and World Trade Center Saskatoon today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which will see both World Trade Centers (WTC) working together to grow agricultural trade. The delegation from Harbin, led by Hongshan Zhang, the visionary Chairman of the HuaHong Group, developer of the WTC Harbin, travelled to Saskatoon to sign the MOU with John Williams, President of CANWEST CLC, and WTC Saskatoon. The inking of the MOU is the first of many steps that the two WTCs are taking to strengthen the bonds between the two provinces that they represent: Heilongjiang in China and Saskatchewan in Canada. Similarities between the provinces abound. Both are on the leading edge of innovation and research producing some of the highest agricultural products and yields in the world. Against this backdrop, the WTCs expressed that it was fitting that strong friendships were forged. While geographically distant, many commonalities exist, amongst which are a mission to increase the amount of trade flowing between the two jurisdictions. With new investment initiatives, and both WTCs look forward to forging new mutually beneficial business relationships. Together, both the WTCs anticipate working closely with the Ministries of Economy and Agriculture as well as the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership in Saskatchewan and all the Regional, Economic and Development Authorities. The WTCs were in agreement that it was imperative that a sustainable agricultural solution be found to deal with the pressing global development issues of climate change, the need for environmental protection and new avenues of growth. The delegation from WTC Harbin also attended the Western Canadian Crop Production Show and took time to speak to local Saskatchewan agribusinesses about potential trading and investment opportunities with China. Network benefits accruing to participation in the WTC platform go far beyond trade between two distinct WTC regions, with positive effects for all areas of the economy including research, academia and civil society on the whole. Media contact: WTC Harbin – Sui Jin KON ( WTC Saskatoon – Don Atchison (