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About World Trade Center Poitiers Futuroscope

Our WTC is connected to 1,500 local exporting companies and 12 French WTCs, guaranteeing a robust national network!
Located in Poitiers, near the Airport and the Train Station, one of the most famous multi-media entertainment parks in France, our WTC is well-positioned for both business and pleasure!

Member Benefits:

  • Video conferencing
  • High quality conference and meeting rooms
  • Expertise in organizing business meetings
  • Flexoffice (coworking, private & sharing offices)

Local Industries:

  • Clean Technology,
  • Education & Knowledge Creation,
  • Information Technology & Software,
  • Industrial Manufacturing,
  • Marine: Maritime & Shipbuilding/Sporting Boats,
  • Insurance,
  • Aerospace: Aviation & Defense,
  • Engineering: R&D: Architecture & Construction,
  • Entertainment & Digital Media,
  • Financial & Professional Services,
  • Government/Public Services,
  • Healthcare & Wellness,
  • Hospitality: Tourism & Leisure,
  • Import & Export,
  • Agri-Business,
  • Food & Beverage Processing,
  • Animal Husbandry,
  • Intellectual Property,
  • Internet Gaming,
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences,
  • Business Management & Professional Services,
  • Electronics,
  • Energy: Utilities & Mining,
  • Arts & Design,
  • Real Estate,
  • Retail & Consumer,
  • Technology

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Facilities & Services

Our World Trade Center is located in a prime business area with access to many additional facilities and amenities.


  • Temporary Office Space ⋆
    Total Temporary Office Spaces: 2
  • Conference facilities ⋆
  • Auditorium(s)
    Total Auditoriums: 1
  • Exhibition Facilities
  • Meeting Room(s) ⋆
    Total Meeting Rooms: 6
  • Office Building(s)
    Total Office Buildings: 1
  • Hotel(s)
    Total Hotels: 10
  • Dining Club(s) ⋆
    Total Dining Clubs: 1

Trade Services

  • International Trade Events ⋆
    International Trade Events
  • International Trade Education Services ⋆
    International Trade Seminars, International Trade Workshops
  • Conference Organizing Services ⋆
    Room set up support, Clear security emergency procedures, Daily maintenance janitorial services, On site food catering services
  • Business Services ⋆
    Copy Graphics Capabilities, Telecomm Internet Wifi, Audio Video Conferencing, Referrals to Other Service Providers
  • Group Trade Missions ⋆
    Inbound, Outbound
  • Trade Information and Research Services ⋆


Get access to a variety of know-hows


Our Impact



Exporting companies are linked to our WTC


Motivation for welcoming foreign partners


Club members

Our Team

Meet Our Members & Tenants

Our members represent a variety of industries and know-how.


Upcoming Events

Futurexport, our Business Club, organizes a conference every month dedicated to international topics.

In the News

WTC Poitiers-Futuroscope will be represented through the French WTCs' booth featuring the WTCA network at FUTURALLIA RHONE ALPES (4, 5 and 6th June 2014)


  • NĂ©gociation commerciale et interculturalitĂ© - 03/06/2024 - ConfĂ©rence sur la nĂ©gociation commerciale et interculturalitĂ© đŸ€ NÉGOCIATION COMMERCIALE ET INTERCULTURELITÉ 🌐 C'est le sujet abordĂ© ce soir par Alexander Freeland, consultant de Scotwork France, lors d'une confĂ©rence organisĂ©e par le Club FUTUREXPORT au World Tr... more


  • 1ST AFTERWORK ONLY IN ENGLISH ! - Notre premier afterwork anglais a Ă©tĂ© un succĂšs 🌟 Jeudi dernier, nous avons organisĂ© notre premier afterwork anglais et avons eu l'occasion d'Ă©changer avec 22 professionnels. Cet afterwork a permis d’échanger sur des sujets liĂ©s Ă  nos diffĂ©rents domaines d’expertise et de pr... more

  • DISCOUNT ON OUR MEETING ROOMS IN DECEMBER 2023 ! - 🌟 EXCLUSIVE OFFER ! 🌟 Looking for the perfect place for your professional meetings? Look no further! At the World Trade Center (WTC) - Poitiers FuturoscopeÂź, we are delighted to offer you an exceptional discount of -20% on the rental of our meeting rooms between 01/12/2023 an... more

  • First Business Club's General Assembly - C'est une histoire qui a commencĂ© en 1977 et qui continue ! đŸŒđŸŒđŸ€ Le Club FUTUREXPORT regroupe les entreprises de la rĂ©gion Vienne qui exportent Ă  l'international. Nous sommes ravis de les avoir accueillis pour leur premier rendez-vous de l'annĂ©e 2023/2024, dans les nouveaux l... more

  • Inauguration of the World Trade Center Poitiers - ✹INAUGURATION | 6 SEPTEMBRE 2023 ✹ AprĂšs une interruption temporaire de l'exploitation du World Trade Center (WTC) - Poitiers Futuroscope depuis 2019, Catherine Lathus a relancĂ© la licence World Trade Centers Association grĂące Ă  la participation active de Bertrand GERVAIS, di... more

  • New place for the WTC Poitiers Futuroscope - On 2023, the "CCI de la Vienne" moved at 120 rue du Porteau, 86000 POITIERS Within the WTC Poitiers-Futuroscope, the CCI of Vienne welcomes your activities, events and meetings by the hour, day, month, or forever! Benefit from tailor-made services in a renovated setting of o... more


  • WTC Poitiers in Miami finding out network power - Marc Desjardins, Chairman of the TGS Global Board of Directors and Andrew Menzies, VP International Development, visited Miami as part of their TGS 2018 regional conference tour of Brussels, New Delhi and Miami.  “As with each TGS conference, we make a point o... more

  • Fruitful meeting of French WTCs in Poitiers - The French WTC network organizes a working session twice a year. The first session for 2018 was organized by the WTC Poitiers-Futuroscope and took place on March 15th and 16th. 10 French WTCs participated: Brest, Grenoble (videoconference), Lille, Lille-Arras,... more


  • Networking Meeting of WTC Poitiers at WTC Tokyo - POITIERS, FRANCE - WTC Poitiers-Futuroscope organized a trade mission in collaboration with the Maison de l’Architecture Poitiers for 25 members of the architecture, construction and design sector, which was held in Tokyo from November 5 - 10, 2016.  As well as visiting the i... more

  • FRENCH WTCs MEETING IN WTC POITIERS-FUTUROSCOPE - POITIERS, FRANCE - On 4th March 2016, the French World Trade Centers met in WTC POITIERS-FUTUROSCOPE. The team worked on Members advantages packages, negotiated for the whole French network. They also exchanged good practices experiences and new services to be launched. The ne... more

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120 Rue du Porteau, BĂątiment A
Poitiers 86000