WTC Poitiers in Miami finding out network power

Jun 25, 2018

Marc Desjardins, Chairman of the TGS Global Board of Directors and Andrew Menzies, VP International Development, visited Miami as part of their TGS 2018 regional conference tour of Brussels, New Delhi and Miami. 

“As with each TGS conference, we make a point of visiting local Embassies, Chambers of Commerce and World Trade Centres. This is part of our strategy to raise the visibility of WTC Poitiers-Futuroscope, raise the visibility of and to meet some great people".  

Without fail, every meeting sparks new ideas, makes useful contacts for our members and enrich es our working habits. It’s the whole meaning of a network for us! ” 

Charlotte Gallogly (President WTC Miami) and Ivan Barrios (Vice President) the World Trade Centre Miami are a very good example of how useful the World Trade Centre network can be and how it can open doors.

Arriving in Miami, we were still looking for a speaker for our conference, ideally someone local who could talk to our TGS members about “Doing business in Miami”, but, as strangers to the town we had been calling and mailing the local authorities for months with little success.

Within 30 minutes of meeting Charlotte and Ivan on Wednesday evening, we had secured a speaker. And not just anyone, we had Manny Gonzalez, Chief of Economic Development and International Trade for Miami-Dade County. It could not have been better!