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  • WTC Marseille - Let the music playyyyy! - Marseille Provence | We’re sure you all know this song by heart ! And so do we ! At WTCMP, we are pretty into music, so we decided to partner with SoundSuit to offer a new dimension to our clients’ events. A 100% legal musical atmosphere. The diffusion of music in professional establishments bei... more

  • September 30th 2021 International Week Nantes - Nantes Atlantique | September 30th 2021 Networking and experience sharing : International Week in Nantes - France During this edition, companies from western France have the opportunity to explore business opportunities and develop useful networks. This exclusive event will bring together 80... more

  • Forging Partnership Through World Trade CONNECT - Metro Manila | Amidst the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the future of trade shows, exhibitions and conventions, is expected to evolve and thrive in the digital space, either as virtual or hybrid, for safer business and social environments, borderless markets, new and better opportunities... more

  • WTC Bhubaneswar observes World Trade Day 2021 - Bhubaneswar | World Trade Center Bhubaneswar observed World Trade Day 2021 marked by a discussion on the theme “Global Trade Leading Odisha across Borders”. The Trade Day was observed for the fourth time in Odisha by WTC Bhubaneswar with a view to create awareness on international trade and... more

  • Smart business model for a more resilient economy - Brest | World Trade Center Brest and World Trade Center Binh Duong New City organized the webinar “Smart business model for a more resilient economy” on August 24th with the intention of building and strengthening the relationship of Vietnam and France. We also wanted to promote trade... more

  • Digital Economy to boost trade between India & SEA - Bhubaneswar | Southeast Asia regroups some of the world's fastest growing economies. The digital technology sector is currently booming in Southeast Asia, thanks to the rapid development of IoT, IT infrastructure. More mature markets like Singapore and Malaysia are not left aside as they ha... more

  • WTC Navi Mumbai Supports CSR Event - Navi Mumbai | WTC Navi Mumbai in cooperation with the WTC Pune supported an event on the theme “Corporate Social Responsibility” organized by Global Expo India and Spherule Foundation on August 11, 2021. Attended by around 50 representatives from Corporate Sector and NGOs, the event feature... more

  • Sustainability awards for WTC Geneva - Geneva | We are proud to announce that in June 2021, the World Trade Center Geneva has again been rewarded for its best energy management practice. Not less than three prestigious awards have been granted by the State of Geneva to the management team and the owners of the two World Tra... more

  • WTC Pune successfully completed Clinical Trials - Pune | WTC Pune is delighted to announce that we are creating new opportunities in India in the field of clinical trials and medical research. WTC Pune, along with our partner Jehangir Hospital Group, is working with a US pharma company that provides breakthrough treatments in oncol... more

  • A Hidden Gem In Some United States Tax Treaties - Palm Beach | United States Tax Treaties, The Closer Connection Exception & Tiebreakers By Richard S. Lehman, Esq. Presented here is an article describing the U.S. Tax Treaty provisions that permit nonresident aliens to stay longer in the U.S. than is typically allowed and general... more