Oct 27, 2017


From the launch of the largest B2B e-commerce platform of selected high quality Italian Food & Wine products, there are several WTCs involved into this intitiative: WTC  Twente and WTC Dublin at European level and WTC Indianapolis in the USA.

Nowadays, there are further WTCs which are already in contact with WTC Trieste to be involved in this project, for example WTC Saskatoon, WTC Vancouver, WTC Montreal, WTC Algiers, WTC Cyprus and finally WTC Gibraltar, which has signed the "Commission Sharing Agreement" during the 2017 WTCA Member Seminar in New York, joining this profitable initiative. 

The platform is a tool to support trade and generate revenues for WTCs interested in joining it. It is completely free of charges for the users. It aims at informing, approaching and managing business users (Restaurant & Bar Owners, Catering Companies, Hotels, Food Managers of Clubs, Agents, Retailers, etc.) interested in buying directly from the selected  high quality producers of gourmet Food & Beverage goods, by choosing them among 13,000+ references.

Starting point are 13,000+ products from Italy, but final goal will be to include in the platform all possible high quality and gourmet Food & Beverage products "100% Made in Europe".

The platform is connected to an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) which allows a shorter distribution: from the producers directly to the foreign customers. 

WTC Trieste provides everything: the wide variety of Italian Food & Beverage products, the technology with several tools to add the potential customers and to monitor their activities into the platform, the logistics, the administrative and payment systems. 

Business users can register for free and they are not obliged to buy products once registered.

WTC Trieste invites all the WTCs interested in figuring out more about the initiative to contact Mr. Leonardo Monniello, Web Assistant of WTC Trieste, in order to understand more about the business model, the functionalities of the platform and the related administration panel. 

If your WTC is interested in understanding more about the platform, please refer to: