Trieste, a harbour for the whole Mediterranean Sea

Jan 30, 2024

On January 22, 2024, the Italian embassy in Cairo and the Egyptian government formally sealed a historical bilateral agreement, which opened up a sea highway linking the ports of Trieste and Damietta.

At its core, the agreement establishes a maritime freight line between Trieste and Damietta, crafting a safe and efficient fast track and solidifying Italy's position as a privileged trade channel in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The gateway guarantees the transit of Egyptian fruit and vegetable products through the port of Trieste and its related railway connections, as they are bound for north-central Europe and Great Britain.

Secondly, this strategic alliance is set to enhance the presence of European goods, with a notable focus on pharmaceuticals and textiles, in new markets, thanks to the ease of access to not only the Egyptian market but also the vast consumer bases of Africa and the Middle East: as a matter of fact, the geographical advantage granted by a safe, secure maritime access to Egypt may open doors to a potential market of over one billion consumers.

Enrico Samer, one of the professionals behind this operation, and President of both Samer & Co. Shipping and World Trade Center Trieste, called attention to the far-reaching economic benefits. Samer highlighted how the new sea highway is bound to act as a catalyst for Italian trucking, presenting unprecedented growth opportunities in a sector yet to be fully developed in Egypt.

As Trieste and the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia navigate these developments, the ripple effects on the global economic landscape are undeniable, leading to a paradigm shift in international trade for the region.