Jun 25, 2018


Word Trade Center Trieste is participating in the “Job for Young 4.0 FVG” project, organized by the University of Trieste in collaboration with a network of companies located in the Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) Region.

The project aims at giving to high school students the opportunity of doing an internship in a “4.0 company” and providing them the appropriate methods and skills in order to allow them to take conscious academic and occupational future choices.

During the initiative, WTC Trieste interviewed and selected some students at the University of Trieste and at the present time is hosting them for their internships.

The project is a significant opportunity for WTC Trieste to strenghten the relations with all the educational Istitutions of the City, i.e. the University and high schools.

Ms Lilli Samer, Board Member of WTC Trieste and President of AIDDA FVG (Associazione Imprenditrici e Donne Dirigenti di Azienda - Association of Women Entepreneurs and Managers of Companies) addressed a speech during the presentation of the initiative held at the University of Trieste to journalists, business people, professors and students.