WTC Trieste Celebrates “World Trade Month”

Apr 28, 2017


TRIESTE, ITALY - WTC Trieste joins the world in celebrating “World Trade Month” during the month of May. Our goal? To help improve trade business agreements, in this case, through education.

Every year this initiative gives the opportunity to recognize the importance of global trade, looking back at the previous economic results and analysing how to improve the future forecast.

WTC Trieste believes that in order to develop trade, the foundation needs to be solid. 

For this reason, it proposes a course entitled “International Business Etiquette”. Here students can learn how to interface with faraway cultures during negotiations through aspects such as gestures, topics of conversation, dress code, etc. This is certainly a prerequisite of great importance for the development of trade agreements.

“International Business Etiquette” course will take place in May both locally and internationally (via webinar) in order to reach as many people as possible, giving the opportunity to acquire useful skills to improve trade business agreements, which is the main goal of “World Trade Month” initiative.