WTC Seoul Hosts 2016 Seoul Cafe Show

Nov 25, 2016


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - 2016 Seoul International Café show greeted its 15th anniversary and successfully brought world-wide coffee people’s attention to the fascinating city of Seoul, Korea. Seoul Café show has grown itself to become the largest coffee exhibition in Asia.

As if the scale of it tries to prove the saying, this year in 2016, 142,067 people visited this show from 41 countries. In total, 580 exhibitors participated in Seoul Café Show.

The most remarkable achievement of this year’s cafĂ© show is the re-participation rate. 9 out of 10 companies from last year’s cafĂ© show presented themselves this year as well, marking unprecedentedly high re-participation rate of 91%.   

To learn more about the Seoul Cafe Show, please click on the source link below.