• WTC Mumbai holds Trade & Investment Seminar-China - MUMBAI, INDIA - “India and China have been posed with the challenge of sustaining their growth momentum. In order to promote growth the two nations must join hands. The two economic super powers comprise the global growth engine besides being the largest consumption and manufa... more

  • MSMEs may Innovate or Perish - “With the advent of globalization, economies have been brought closer. It has led to far reaching effects on the MSMEs. The MSME sector which is in its infant stages of development has been subject to cross-border competition. It is imperative for the MSMEs to innovate, produ... more

  • Meeting with Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia - “India and the Republic of Serbia have enjoyed good geo-political relations in the past years. Going forward, Serbia intends to build on the economic ties with the nation. We invite Indian business companies to invest in the sectors of energy, film industry, food production, m... more

  • Meeting with Dy. Minister of Republic of Bulgaria - “Bulgaria proposes to intensify bilateral trade and economic cooperation with India. The rapidly growing Indian economy is an important strategic partner in the Asian region for Bulgaria. Acknowledging mutual complementarities, Bulgaria seeks to invite Indian business communit... more

  • Meeting with a High Level Delegation from Canada. - To explore the potential of joint cooperation, alliances and trade Mr. Naval Bajaj, President, Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce led a high level delegation from Canada to India. The interactive meeting held on 14 January, 2014, was organised jointly by World Trade Centre Mumbai... more

  • Meeting with Former Director of World Bank - “The Indian economy currently growing below 5% GDP has a huge potential for development. However roadblocks in the form of fragile leadership, lack of competent governance and poor infrastructural facilities pose as hindrances. Proactive leadership, progressive industrial poli... more