• WTC Mumbai Presented Awards of Honour - MUMBAI, INDIA - At a splendid ceremony on 12 June, 2014, World Trade Centre Mumbai celebrated the World Trade Centers Association Day and presented the ‘WTC Mumbai Award of Honour 2014’. The Award of Honour 2014 was conferred on the distinguished business leaders for their out... more

  • Panel Discussion on Companies Act 2013 and CSR - MUMBAI, INDIA - As per the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 any company having a net worth of rupees 500 crores or more or a turnover of rupees 1,000 crores or more or a net profit of rupees 5 crores or more should mandatorily spend 2% of their net profits per fiscal on C... more

  • India and Brazil Must Forge Ties for Prosperity - “The economies of India and Brazil share many complementarities in the form of large demographic population, huge consumer base and an identical industrial and trade framework. Also, the Government’s of Brazil and India support each other’s candidature at bilateral forums such... more

  • Empowering SMEs – The Way Forward for India - “Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) should innovate if they have to meet challenges both from within and outside of their organizations. Contributing to almost 17 per cent of India’s GDP, SMEs have a larger role to play and the government has recognized their status and contribut... more

  • Meeting with Ambassador of the EU to India - “The Indian economy is regarded as a rapidly growing power house. However, the economy is sparse with regard to funds. The European Union can make a useful contribution to help India with its capital requirements. Also, the Free Trade Agreement between the nations in its final... more

  • Pakistan Keen on Implementation of the MFA status - MUMBAI, INDIA - “Pakistan has completed the formalities for giving India the ‘Most favoured Nation’ status after negotiating tariff related issues. However, we await the formation of the new Indian Government as we are keen in bringing the two countries together”, said H.E. Mr... more

  • Partnership in Priority Address Indo-Kenya Trade - MUMBAI, INDIA - “India’s bilateral trade with the African continent stands at US$ 67 billion. Narrowing down to the Indo-Kenya bilateral ties, the economies registered trade worth US$ 3.9 billion imbalanced in favor of India. India’s exports to Kenya stand at US$ 3.77 billion,... more

  • Discussion on Global Financial Outlook and India - The global economy showing signs of revival is estimated to grow at 3.7% during CY2014 from 3% in the present year. The growth is led by revival of the US and the Eurozone that may see a halt in the easy credit policy regimes followed by them. The emerging markets need to be g... more

  • Prospects for Indian Business in Luxembourg - “Luxembourg, the world’s second largest nation in terms of GDP Per Capita welcomes Indian companies to invest in its booming economy. The economy exhibits ease of doing business with strong geo-political situation, stable macroeconomic framework, optimal tax rates, access to f... more

  • Argentina and India to Foster Cross Border Trade - “Traditionally, India and Argentina have enjoyed cordial economic and political relations. However, Indian capital investments in Argentina stands at mere US$ 930 million restricted to the sectors of IT, pharmaceuticals and organic chemicals. Argentina invites Indian companies... more