Peru mango shipments hit record high at end season

Apr 25, 2014


LIMA, PERU - Mando industry in Peru has achieved a successful 2013-14 campaign by shipping 6,100 containers, the Peruvian Mango Exporters’ Association (APEM) has reported.

According to APEM’s general manager, Juan Carlos Rivera, the Andean nation has shipped 1,250 more containers than last season due to conditions which led to better flowering and a longer harvest time.

“There are several factors which explain this increase. What we are sure about is that in winter there were very good conditions so the trees could flower a lot. In other words, there were highly suitable weather conditions,” Rivera said.

He continued, “The harvest period was lengthened due to the lack of rains at the end of the season which runs from February to March.”

Moreover, the industry leader noted that another factor empowering mango production during the reported period was that many areas with fruit planted were entering into production.

“There is a group of trees that were planted five to six years ago which are reaching their full level, so there is also an issue of infrastructure or planted area,” APEM’s head told freshfruitportal.

Likewise, Rivera pointed out market behavior was also on side, contributing to the “support of the Peruvian mango industry”.

In addition, he said the United States and Europe were able to absorb Peruvian production, which was a “thing that did not happen on other occasions and we don’t know if it could happen again”

In conclusion, the APEM general manager stressed it was important to maintain emphasis on fruit quality in order to keep the level of exports achieved for the 2014-15 deal.