Past Events

  • Trade Navigation Series- Import 101 - Importing products into the United States from across the world can be a complicated process, and requires individuals to understand and follow certain laws and regulations. The last thing one wants to do is classify an imported product incorrectly which could result in delays... more

  • International Trade Certification - BACKGROUND: The International Trade Certification (ITC) was developed by the World Trade Center Kentucky (WTC-KY) to provide the foundation for effective and efficient management of a company's international trade operations. The program also serves as a great first step for ... more

  • Trade Navigation Series- Logistics of ecommerce - Join the trade experts during this Trade Navigation Webinar Series focusing on eCommerce. Our eCommerce series is a webinar program featuring guest speakers with Q&A time for attendees. Presented jointly by UPS, SkuVault, and the World Trade Center Kentucky, these semina... more

  • Trade Mission- Poland & Romania Craft Beer Trip - Why Poland & Romania?Poland has one of the biggest craft brew industries in the EU.Growth of the market has increasing demand for craft beer.Increasing disposable income of consumers has increased craft beer offerings.Two countries are relatively new on the craft beer mark... more

  • Trade Navigation Series- Export 101 - Wondering who you need to know and what your company needs to take your product to a global market? We’ve got you covered. Kentucky has made a major push to encourage small businesses and entrepreneurs to explore foreign markets. From the Kentucky Export Initiative, Global... more