Trade Chat: Ask the Experts

Have you hit a wall on a trade issue? Importing or Exporting? Do you need to ask someone a trade-related question, but don't know who to ask or worried that it will cost you a lot of money or time to find the answer? Do you think you know the answer, but want to bounce the question off someone else? This is an industry where people move around, and so your expert may no longer be at your company. At the World Trade Center Kentucky, we regularly answer emails and phone calls from companies needing help. Sometimes, it is a simple answer to what seemed like a complicated question. Other times, it can be a complicated answer to an easy question. In the world of international trade, we know that the answer does not always come easily.

Join us for the next Trade Chat with our trade advisor Dave Robeson (BIO). Dave has over 20 years of experience in international trade. Dave is currently employed at E.D. Bullard in Cynthiana Kentucky. Dave is a regular at our Trade Certification program and has delivered numerous trainings on importing & exporting.

Afraid you may reveal sensitive company information with your questions? Before the trade chat, submit your questions anonymously to: We will then answer them during the trade chat webinar. You may also submit questions when registering.
We will take live questions during the webinar.
**This webinar is not open to service providers. This is exclusively for individuals who perform trade operations or support trade operations within a private or publicly held company. This is a space for trade folks to gather, ask questions, and learn from one another.

About Trade Chat:
As a member of the regional trade community, Trade Chat was designed with you, the trade practitioner in mind. This free to members, monthly call will provide industry professionals a forum to discuss the day-to-day challenges you and others face in the execution of your import / export operations.
*This seminar is an approved STEP Grant reimbursement. If you have not applied for the STEP (State Trade and Export Promotion), please visit the Kentucky Export Initiative website for more information: Click here to learn more about the STEP Grant.