WTC Dublin and WTC Shenyang Launch Partnership

Apr 28, 2023

Expand Your Business to China:

WTC Dublin and WTC Shenyang Launch Partnership for Irish Products Showcase

The World Trade Center Association has launched a new partnership between WTC Shenyang and WTC Dublin. The goal of this partnership is to help WTC Dublin members gain access to the Chinese market by showcasing their products through the WTC Shenyang.

For WTC Dublin members looking to expand their business in China, the WTC Shenyang: Irish Products Showcase is the perfect opportunity to introduce highly sought-after products to potential buyers and distributors in one of the world's largest markets. WTC Shenyang offers a range of promotional activities to help WTC Dublin members enter the Chinese market with ease.

WTC Shenyang will conduct market research and provide research reports for individual products based on demand. Members will also have the opportunity to showcase their products on SOTOOL, a popular World Trade Asia-Pacific online business platform and promote their products on WeChat accounts and media outlets.

WTC Shenyang will set up dedicated counter displays and showcase samples in their exhibition hall. They will also search for and connect members with potential Chinese partners for their products, as well as invite industry experts and corporate clients to visit offline promotion presentations and sample physical products to increase brand awareness.

WTC Members Currently Participating in the Program

Shenyang, China, is the perfect place for WTC Dublin member products to be discovered, with an urban population of 7.69 million and over 23 million in the greater area. WTC Shenyang is located in the Shenyang Free Trade Zone, the core central area of the Hunnan New District, Shenyang National Innovation Area, providing WTC Dublin members a gateway to the East Asian global market.

This tailored initiative provides an excellent opportunity for WTC Dublin members to gain exposure in one of China's major industrial centers and obtain access to worldwide marketing and sales connections. To secure a spot and take advantage of this opportunity, WTC Dublin members are encouraged to contact WTC Dublin at +353 016624031. The WTC Dublin team is excited to help members tap into the Chinese market and make their mark in East Asia.