• Bridging Continents - Denver Delegation’s Visit to Dublin Strengthens Economic and Tourism Ties Thank you to the WTC Denver for inviting the WTC Dublin to join the Denver delegation's visit to Dublin to celebrate the inaugural nonstop flight service by Aer Lingus between Denver and Dublin. The d... more

  • Crafting Excellence - Unveiling the Journey of Crolly Distillery Nestled within the vibrant network of the World Trade Center Dublin (WTC Dublin) lies a gem of the spirits industry – Crolly Distillery. As a distinguished member of our global community, Crolly Distillery embodies the spirit ... more

  • Empowering Global Expansion -  In today's global economy, the journey of international expansion for businesses demands strategic partnerships that transcend conventional service provider roles. Ivy Capital Partners , led by the visionary Co-Managing Partners David Patton and Stephen Kelly, stan... more

  • Empowering Tomorrow - Empowering Tomorrow: A Conversation with the Visionary Founder of Mojo & Co Join us for an exclusive conversation with Maureen Hoey, the visionary founder of Mojo & Co and a distinguished member of the World Trade Center Dublin. As we explore her innovative ... more

  • Crafting Success: Core Components' Global Odyssey - Crafting Success: Core Components' Global Odyssey with WTC Dublin and the Innovative Core Infusion Dispenser In the dynamic landscape of global trade and technological innovation, companies that stand out are those that not only provide quality products but also continua... more

  • Communications Visionary - WTC Dublin’s Conversation with Ellen Gunning on Entrepreneurship, Crisis PR, and Shaping the Future of Media In 1992, the landscape of public relations education in Ireland underwent a transformative shift with the establishment of the Irish Academy of Public Relations... more


  • A Colorful Canvas in Modern Ireland - Eoin O'Connor's Artistic Journey The World Trade Center Dublin takes immense pride in celebrating the artistic talent of our esteemed partners. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the exceptional and vibrant world of contemporary Irish artist, Eoin O'Conn... more

  • A Global Boost for Health & Happiness - Insights from Mark Kelly & Gerry McElligott Co-Founders of The Kick Company (TKCO) In the bustling heart of Ireland, the World Trade Center Dublin (WTC Dublin) stands as a symbol of global interconnectedness and progress. The Kick Company (TKCO), led by its Co-Founder... more

  • Sowing the Seeds of Change - Thanks Plants' Founder,  Aisling Cullen Leads the Way in Redefining Food, Environment, and Conscious Consumption   World Trade Center Dublin extends congratulations to Aisling Cullen, the visionary Founder of Thanks Plants, for her remarkable success in promoting the ... more

  • Celebrating 20 Years of Radiant Beauty - RĂ­ Na Mara’s Journey to Walmart Shelves A Q&A with WTCD Member & Founder Deirdre UI Chathmhaoil World Trade Center Dublin is thrilled to highlight one of our most successful, woman-owned companies, RĂ­ Na Mara . WTC Dublin is proud to share that it has ... more