Celebrating 20 Years of Radiant Beauty

Aug 31, 2023

Rí Na Mara’s Journey to Walmart Shelves

A Q&A with WTCD Member & Founder Deirdre UI Chathmhaoil

World Trade Center Dublin is thrilled to highlight one of our most successful, woman-owned companies, Rí Na Mara . WTC Dublin is proud to share that it has recently launched in the U.S. and is off to a strong start. Consumers are looking for natural, high-quality European products, which Rí Na Mara delivers.

In the dynamic world of skincare, Rí Na Mara stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. As 2024 marks the remarkable 20-year milestone for this trailblazing brand in the skincare industry, the visionary force behind Rí Na Mara, Deirdre UI Chathmhaoil, takes us on a captivating journey that has led to this momentous occasion. In this engaging interview with WTC Dublin, we explore not only the brand's two decades of excellence but also its newfound availability at Walmart, alongside discussions on product highlights, challenges, inspiration, ethical practices, and promising future prospects.

Reflecting on the Journey: Highlights, Challenges, and the 20th Anniversary Celebration 

Q: Congratulations on reaching the remarkable milestone of 20 years in the skincare industry this January! Could you reflect on some of the key highlights and challenges that have shaped Rí Na Mara’s journey over the past two decades? How do you plan to mark this special anniversary, and do you have any surprises in store for your loyal customers and supporters?

A: We are so excited to reach the 20-year milestone; the years have just flown by. With so many exciting opportunities and events, it is difficult to pick just one highlight. My personal one was winning Business Woman of the Year; it empowered me and made me feel more confident in myself and my business. All the different awards, from product innovation to marketing champion, meant so much to our family and everyone connected to Rí Na Mara, endorsing the brand. Other highlights were the diverse collection of people from around the world that I met along the way. One aspect I am proud of is having our children grow up alongside the business.

Challenges were numerous, from getting products on shelves with a shoestring budget to surviving the worldwide recession and navigating the impacts of Covid-19. Through these challenges, we have soldiered on, adapted, and innovated. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are excited to reward our loyal fan base with special offers, competitions, and giveaways.

The Inspiration Behind Rí Na Mara and its Unique Identity

Q: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind starting Rí Na Mara and what sets your skincare line apart from others in the industry?

A: Working as a Registered General Nurse in a Dermatology unit in London sparked my interest in natural skincare. This led me to study Cosmetic Science, and upon moving to Connemara, I was struck by the underutilized seaweed off the West coast of Ireland. The therapeutic properties of seaweed and its balanced nutrients inspired me to create beauty treatments and cosmetics based on hand-harvested Irish seaweed. This natural approach and focus on marine algae set Rí Na Mara apart.

Formulation Excellence and the Success of Rí Na Mara’s Skincare Products

Q: Rí Na Mara has received several awards for its skincare products. Could you share insights into the formulation process and the key factors contributing to their success?

A: Rí Na Mara’s success lies in our nutrient-rich ingredients and natural formulations. We emphasize sustainable harvesting techniques for seaweed, maintaining its vitamins and proteins. Clean beauty is our priority; we use safe, natural ingredients and avoid anything harmful to the skin or environment. We have incorporated exciting ingredients like Hyaluronic acid into our products. Customer feedback guides us in constantly improving and updating our formulations.

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