Announcing the 2020 WTCA MAC Chairs and Vice-Chairs

In June, the WTCA MACs held their annual Chair and Vice-Chair elections. More than 20 individuals ran for a leadership position for the forthcoming year to lead and engage MAC members around the world, facilitating membership dialogue and taking actionable steps towards a stronger Association. 

Please join us in congratulating the 2020 MAC Chairs and Vice-Chairs, who will hold their positions until July 2021:

  • Chair: Zhang Hongshan (World Trade Center Harbin)
  • Vice-Chair: Rani Dabrai (World Trade Center Dublin)
Business Club
  • Chair: Ahmed Tibaoui (World Trade Center Algiers)
  • Vice-Chair: Luciano Menezes (World Trade Centers Curitiba & Lisboa)
Conferences & Exhibitions Americas
  • Chair: Cheryl Smith (World Trade Center Las Vegas)
  • Vice-Chair: Don Atchison (World Trade Center Saskatoon)
Conferences & Exhibitions APAC
  • Chair: Dato'Sri Dr. Irmohizam (World Trade Center Kuala Lumpur)
  • Vice-Chair: Rupa Naik (World Trade Center Mumbai)
Conferences & Exhibitions EMEA
  • Chair: Alex Savrasov (World Trade Center Moscow)
Real Estate
  • Chair: Ed Allison-Wright (World Trade Center Gibraltar)
  • Vice-Chair: Charles Johnson (World Trade Center Chicago)
Trade Services Americas
  • Chair: Karen Gerwitz (World Trade Center Denver)
  • Vice-Chair: Josias Cordeiro da Silva (World Trade Centers Curitiba & Joinville)
Trade Services APAC
  • Chair: Dr. Bose K. Nair (World Trade Center Bengaluru)
  • Vice-Chair: Christina Shen (World Trade Center Shenyang)
Trade Services EMEA
  • Chair: Rani Dabrai (World Trade Center Dublin)
  • Vice-Chair: Evert Jan Schouwstra (World Trade Center Leeuwarden)

The WTCA would also like to give a sincere Thank You to the outgoing Chairs and Vice-Chairs for their commitment and leadership over the past two years — Linda Conlin (World Trade Center Greater Philadelphia – Trade Services Americas); Pamela D. Pascual (World Trade Center Metro Manila — Conferences & Exhibitions APAC); and Virginie Blida (World Trade Center Lille — Trade Services EMEA). We thank you for all your hard work and look forward to working alongside our newly-elected Chairs and Vice-Chairs to further strengthen our collective global network!