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About World Trade Center Rennes Bretagne

The World Trade Center Rennes Bretagne provides companies with customized solutions in every step of their international development. The Center also assists international companies seeking to settle in Brittany (Bretagne) and/or develop new business relations with Breton companies.
With about 100 members across various sectors (agribusiness, cosmetics, IT, broadcasting, banking, transportation, industrial manufacturing, etc...), the World Trade Center Rennes Bretagne hosts workshops, conferences and networking events on a regular basis. To find out more about our events, please visit us at :

Member Benefits:

  • Development of regional and international exchange
  • Access to business partners and local institutions
  • Reduced costs through member discounts
  • A dedicated workspace for informal networking

Local Industries:

  • Agri-Business, Food & Beverage Processing, Animal Husbandry,
  • Information Technology & Software,
  • Automotive,
  • Engineering: R&D: Architecture & Construction,
  • Industrial Manufacturing,
  • Broadcasting & Telecommunications,
  • Clean Technology

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Our Impact

Connecting Rennes to the World

Rennes is the capital city of Brittany (Bretagne), 1h25min from Paris by TGV fast train. It is regarded by the national press as being one of the best places to live among France's largest cities. With a population of 400 000, including 60,000 students, Rennes has a high population growth rate. The city combines the advantages of a major city with those of a smaller town.


French region for production in food industry


Innovation clusters : ID for Car, Valorial (agrofood), Images and networks, Pole Sea Brittany


GDP of the French big cities

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Our next events can be found on our local website at :

In the News


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  • JournĂ©es Club du WTC Rennes Bretagne - The replays of the "JournĂ©es Clubs du  World Trade Center Rennes Bretagne" are officially on line ! What do those events consist in ? 3 days, 5 countries, and a number of qualified speakers who shared their personal and professional experience in those particular countries... more

  • May-June 2022 Agenda - May 5th 2022 : Visit of the Korean Ambassador, His Excellency Dae Jong Yoo, to WTC Rennes Bretagne May 20th 2022 : A World Wine Tasting Tour by Steve Bayol, Wine Expert & Member of WTC Rennes Bretagne June 2nd 2022 : Webinar on the German Market & Its Opportunities f... more


  • Summary : English Training Breakfast June 18th - During our Virtual English training breakfast that was held on the 18th of June, Members from the WTC Rennes Bretagne had the opportunity to learn more about Globalization and its effects on France and Brittany through our guest speaker François Huber , Senior Business Consul... more

  • Summary : English Training Breakfast May 28th - During our Virtual English training breakfast that was held on the 28th of May, Members from the WTC Rennes had the opportunity to learn more about How to build Resilience through our guest speaker Kay Watson, an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federati... more

  • Summary : English Training Breakfast April 30th - During our Virtual English training breakfast that was held on the 30th of April, Members from the WTC Rennes had the opportunity to learn more about Corporate Social Responsibility and discover a brillant new board game through our guest speaker Jennifer Ramsay, owner of Gree... more


  • 5 clubs : 5 expertise - Iran, QuĂ©bec, UK, Morocco and the USA On top of offering trade information and seminars/webinars about international trade and policies, up & coming markets and opportunities abroad, WTC Rennes Bretagne has created 5 clubs since 2016: Iran, Quebec, the UK, Morocco and US... more

  • FALL AGENDA : VIRTUAL ENGLISH TRAINING BREAKFASTS - Sign-up links will be up online at the end of August on the WTC Rennes Bretagne website. The breakfasts are open to all WTCA members as well as their own members. September: 09/11 from 9 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. – Improving Gender Equality at Work – What Men & Women Can Do... more

  • WTCA DAY 2020 - HOW TO EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS ABROAD - Discover How To Expand Your Business Internationally Through the WTC Network As part of  the WTCA Day 2020 festivities, WTC Brest and WTC Rennes Bretagne hosted a webinar during which 6 WTCS (Mumbai, Shenyang, Leeuwarden, Algiers, Kansas City and Trieste) presented their ow... more

  • COVID19 & Its impact on Maritime Trade in Brittany - Although the COVID-19 crisis has caused slowdowns in almost all sectors in Brittany (region located in Western France) for the months of March, April and May 2020, some key sectors (agribusiness, telecommunications, energy etc...) have been less impacted. The data today is not... more

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2 avenue de la Prefecture, CS 64204
Rennes 35042 Cedex




+ 33 2 99 33 24 28