• MoU Signed between WTC Mumbai & WTC Belgrade - Mumbai | MUMBAI, INDIA - Capt. Somesh Batra, Vice Chairman-WTC Mumbai visited WTC Belgrade on 6th May 2014 and met with Ms. Miriana Lukic - General Manager and Ms. Marija Labovic - Dy. General Manager of WTC Belgrade and appraised them on the scope and activities of WTC Mumbai. In addi... more

  • WTC Mumbai signed MoU with CCI Serbia, Belgrade - Mumbai | MUMBAI, INDIA - Capt. Somesh Batra, Vice Chairman –WTC Mumbai visited Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Serbia, Belgrade on 6th May 2014. He met with Vidosava Dzagic - Vice President, Zoran Bojovic PhD - Advisor to the President, Zorica Jekic - Senior Advisor, Dragana Cam... more

  • WTC OFFICIALS VISITED WTC LUGANO, SWITZERLAND - Mumbai | LUGANO, SWITZERLAND - Mr. Sharad Upasani, Vice Chairman-WTC Mumbai, Mr. Y.R. Warerkar, Executive Director-WTC Mumbai, Mr. Firoze B. Andhyarujina, Tax Advisor, WTC Mumbai and Mr. Ajay Khatlawalla, Legal Advisor, WTC Mumbai, visited WTC Lugano on 5th May, 2014. They were re... more

  • WTC MUMBAI OFFICIALS VISITED WTC PILSEN, PRAGUE - Mumbai | MUMBAI, INDIA - On 2 May 2014,  Mr. Sharad Upasani, Vice Chairman-WTC Mumbai, Mr. Y.R. Warerkar, Executive Director-WTC Mumbai, Mr. Firoze B. Andhyarujina, Tax Advisor-WTC Mumbai and Mr. Ajay Khatlawalla, Legal Advisor-WTC Mumbai visited WTC Pilsen. The delegation was warml... more

  • BMI Report: Q3 Market Overview for Brazil - Sporting Events Promise Uptick For Freight Transport, Concerns For Exports Remain Business Monitor International forecasts that growth in Brazil's freight transport volumes will outpace the Latin American giant's real GDP growth in 2014 and over our medium-term forecast p... more

  • WTCA Launches New Social Media Initiatives - NEW YORK, NY, USA - We have been hard at work at WTCA Headquarters developing social media initiatives to grow awareness of the WTCA Network online, and to better engage with you, our Members. By following us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you will now find the latest up... more

  • Understanding Mercosur's business opportunities - Valencia, Venezuela | VALENCIA, VENEZUELA - Following the agenda of business development program that the World Trade Center Valencia offers, hand by hand with Congressus Center, an enterprise that organizes corporate events, a workshop was dictated called Mercosur: Investment Opportunities. The ev... more

  • Workshop on Creative Problem Solving - Bengaluru | BANGALORE, INDIA - A One-day Workshop on “Creative Problem Solving” was held on 13th June at WTC Bangalore. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Pavan Soni who is an Innovation Evangelist and a Research Fellow at IIM, Bangalore. He covered different tools of idea generation and s... more

  • Sporting enthusiasts take the vertical route - Bengaluru | BANGALORE, INDIA - Hundreds of sporting enthusiasts participated in India’s first-ever vertical run – climbing the 850 steps leading to the top of storied World Trade Centre Bangalore building – as part of the Skyscraper Dash event on 15th June, 2014. The event saw over 650 p... more

  • TTIP Summit - New Orleans | NEW ORLEANS, LA, USA - On Tuesday, June 3, 2014, the World Trade Center New Orleans with support from the Delegation of the European Union to the United States gathered panelists to discuss trade barriers between the European Union and the United States at the Transatlantic Tr... more